December 14, 2022
Two kids with a moving truck

Moving can be pretty challenging, even when there are no kids around. However, families with children can have their relocation be even more challenging. That’s why it is important to prepare in advance and make sure you know all the tricks that will make the process a lot easier. Dealing with moving tasks and kids at the same time can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make things easier. Here are the best tips for preparing your kids for the move and making it the smoothest, kid-friendly relocation ever.

1.      Talk about everything

It’s important to introduce the idea of moving as early as possible. As kids don’t have control over when and where the family is moving, they can easily get frustrated when you tell them you’re about to move soon. That’s why it’s essential to talk about the upcoming changes on time, so your children have enough time to process everything. You can expect all sorts of emotions, depending on the age of your kids. However, if you talk about the move, present the reasons why you’re moving and explain each step of the process until the moving day. Kids might calm down and be excited about it the same way you are.

2.      Be positive

There are many reasons for moving. Some of them are positive and exciting, while others can include some difficult life events. Either way, try to be optimistic about this relocation, as your feelings will transfer to the kids. We sometimes don’t notice that kids go through similar emotions as adults do, and often copy the way parents act. So, in order to avoid additional difficulties and negative feelings, try to be enthusiastic about the move as much as possible. Talk about the benefits of this change, all the great things you’ll do and see in the new city, present their new school, and more. If you’re moving long-distance, the internet can be very helpful. You can go on a virtual tour of the city, visit the websites of the school, see videos of sightseeing tours, etc. Make this an exciting experience and make sure your kids are looking forward to this new chapter in life.

3.      Stay patient

There can be a negative side to moving with kids, too. Depending on their age, they can be pretty rebellious about the move, refuse to pack, cry, etc. This is a very important moment, so try to be as understanding as possible. Patience is the key, as kids process big life changes differently, the same way adults do. Imagine someone completely changes your life without consulting you about this decision. You would probably feel a bit bad, right? That’s why parents should stay calm and try to explain that things will be better once they relocate.

4.      Keep the routine

Kids love routines, and any disruptions can make them nervous and moody. Try to stick to their sleep, eat and play routines as much as possible so they can be sure everything is fine even though you are moving home. If you’re unable to stick to the schedule, ask family and friends to help you out and take care of the kids while you deal with packing and other moving tasks. Also, don’t forget that kids need love and attention even in such a busy schedule, so don’t forget to stop for a snuggle, even if you have a lot of work to do.

Bonus tip: It’s a great idea to pack the kids’ room last so that they can keep their environment as long as possible. Also, make sure to unpack their boxes first, so they can start settling as soon as you arrive. This is where labeling will be extremely helpful. Make sure you write what’s inside each box and color-label them by room. This will ensure that movers place their boxes in the right rooms.

5.      Let them participate

Preparing your kids for the move is an ideal way to remind them that their vote and help are valued in the family. Let them participate in the packing process – kids can sort out their toys, pack their items or decorate and label their boxes. Furthermore, try to include them in some decision-making, too. These could be the decision related to decorating their new rooms, picking the snacks for the road, etc. This will ensure they understand that their opinion is valued so they can feel better about the move. These don’t need to be big tasks or decisions, but they will undoubtedly help your child’s self-confidence and overall attitude toward the relocation.  

6.      Visit the new school

Research the schools in the area close to your new home, and pick the one even before you relocate. Communicate with the school officials, and get as many details as possible. If you are moving close enough, see if it’s possible to visit the new school, meet the teacher and introduce your kids to the new environment. This will help them become familiar with the new school and make sure they are less nervous about the first day.

7.      Make sure everything else is right

Focusing on the kids is important, but there are other priorities to consider when moving with your family. One of the top priorities is surely the safety of the whole process. That’s why you should do thorough research to make sure the team you trust is the right one. Experts from MoversTech CRM advise you to pay attention to details when choosing a moving company. Read reviews on trusted websites, but also take a look at the company website and see how much effort they put into presenting their services, fees, and contact information. This can be either a red flag or proof that you’re dealing with professionals. And when you’re in good hands, you can expect a smooth and safe move, which the whole family will appreciate.

Final words

It takes a lot to be a good parent, and critical situations are one of the moments you need to try a bit harder. Hopefully, these tips for preparing your kids for the move will be useful for your upcoming relocation. Start packing and thoroughly prepare for your move with the whole family so you can arrive at a new home without any issues.

Meta: Relocation is stressful for everyone in the family, no matter their age. Read our tips on preparing your kids for the move and making it the simplest process ever.

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