May 23, 2023
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You’ve probably heard that Chicago is hosting NASCAR street races on July 1st and 2nd, 2023. While this event means a lot of fun in the summer sun for attendees, it also means street closures in the weeks before and after the race. And that can impact your move if you’re relocating to or from the downtown area!

Fortunately, the best movers in Chicago have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the NASCAR street closures and how to plan your move around them.

What streets will be closed for the NASCAR street race?

The street closure schedule is subject to change, as the City of Chicago is continually working with NASCAR to ensure the comfort and safety of residents and attendees. The race route will span over two miles through downtown. Portions of the following streets will be closed for the race itself:

  • Balbo Drive
  • Lake Shore Drive
  • Roosevelt Road
  • Columbus Drive
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Congress Plaza
  • Ida B. Wells Drive
  • Jackson Drive

Parking restrictions on streets including Columbus, Jackson, and Balbo will begin as early as June 2nd. Over the following weeks, other streets involved in the race will be closed to public traffic. The most major street closures begin on June 25th, and everything is expected to be fully reopened by July 15th.

Street closures present some challenges for your moving company. However, when you hire a local mover who includes Downtown Chicago as one of its busiest service areas, you can rest assured that your move will be efficient and stress-free despite some closed roads!

How could the NASCAR street race affect your move?

Portions of downtown Chicago will be closed to the public. So moving trucks will be also prohibited in the NASCAR street race traffic zone. If you’re moving to or from downtown between June 2nd and July 15th, contact your local moving service. They can help determine whether your address is directly affected by the street closures. And they can help you plan an alternate date if necessary.

During the street closures, traffic will be intense throughout the Chicagoland Area. And this is compounded by the Kennedy Expressway construction project and general commuter congestion! Tt could take your move crew extra time to reach your home. However, since trucks are never allowed on Lake Shore Drive, moving companies are used to finding alternate routes!

The good news is that you can still have a smooth and efficient move during the street closures. It just takes a little planning!

How can you have a smooth and efficient move during the NASCAR street closures?

One of the best ways to help your local moving service ensure a smooth move is to have as much information as possible when you book your move. For example: if your building has a loading dock or parking lot, ask your building management company about the best way to access these areas while surrounding streets are closed. If your movers will have to park on the street, be sure to let you moving company’s Customer Service Team know that when you book your move. They might have to add some time to your overall estimate to include a longer walk between their moving truck and your home.

Another way you can set yourself up for moving day success is to check for alternate dates. A lot of residents, buildings, and businesses will be affected by the NASCAR street closures. Your building management company might have a plan in place for their tenants who need to move in or out between June 2nd and July 15th. So give them a call and see if they have any helpful information or tips!

Finally, be patient on your move day! Your moving company should stay in touch with you if they are delayed by traffic. And if you’ve hired the best movers in Chicago to perform your move, you can rest assured that they’ll get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The best movers in Chicago can help you plan around the NASCAR street race

Moving is stressful even when main city streets aren’t closed due to a major entertainment event. Just keep in mind that the professionals at Move-tastic! are here to help!

We’re already preparing alternate routes for our trucks and helping our customers plan their moves to avoid the NASCAR street closures. Visit our website to get a free estimate, and let us know if you’re moving to or from downtown in June or July. We’ll help coordinate the logistics for your move so that you have the best moving experience available—even when major downtown streets are closed!  

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