June 28, 2022

by Rose Morrison

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Moving into a new apartment is exciting, but there is a lot to factor in during the move. One crucial element is making a connection with your new landlords. They will be the one you go to with any concerns. Here are a few tips to make an excellent first impression.

1.  Be Polite on Phone Calls

When speaking with your landlord about application details, be polite. Speak succinctly and clearly. Have your questions ready beforehand. This shows you’re prepared and respectful of their time.

If you reach their voicemail, try to sound amiable when you leave a message. Give your name, number and when it is best to reach out. Also, ensure you have a friendly and professional outgoing phone message.

2.  Be Organized

Bring a copy of your rental application packet to any meetings. This demonstrates that you are responsible and organized. Keep all necessary documents in one place, such as your ID and proof of insurance.

When filling out the application, sign at all the appropriate places. Sending a half-complete one wastes time and leaves a bad impression. Make sure to have all documents ready and plan your move ahead of time as well. Book movers a couple of months in advance if you’re relocating over the summer.

3.  Dress to Impress

Keep in mind you are entering a business-type relationship. Dress business casual during your meetings or tours. For example, women can wear a nice blouse and men can wear a polo shirt and khakis.

Make sure your clothes are stain and wrinkle-free. This shows the landlord you care about your appearance. It also makes them feel you’re more professional and would be a good fit for the apartment.

4.  Stay On Top of Appointments

Be on time if you’re meeting with your landlord to discuss move-in details. If you can’t make the meeting, let them know as soon as possible. Most people will understand when emergencies come up.

Clearly communicating with the landlord is essential. Apologize for the inconvenience and explain the situation. Add dates to your calendar or set reminders to help you keep track of future appointments.

5.  Have Your Finances in Order

Have a plan to cover expenses before moving in. This makes the process smoother and shows your landlord you’re responsible. Managers usually ask for the first month’s rent and security deposit upfront.

Ensure you have the funds to cover this. You can save money by downsizing some items, or getting rid of old books or clothes you don’t use anymore. Also, ask for receipts for any financial transactions. This can help to clear up any payment concerns quickly. If you are not as financially stable, consider getting a cosigner.

6.  Include Letters of Recommendation From Previous Landlords

Adding more information to your application can leave a positive impression. A letter of recommendation from past landlords is an excellent option. It can show you’re a responsible, pleasant tenant and make managers more likely to feel more comfortable with you.

The letter doesn’t have to be over the top. Request this document before moving out and give them time to write it.

7.  Offer Something Different

To stand out as a renter, offer something extra to your landlord. For example, you can prepay rent, put down a larger deposit or carry renters insurance. You can also propose to have the rental professionally cleaned or sign a long-term lease.

Suppose you have a higher budget. You could even pay a higher monthly rent. Although, you should only make promises you can keep.

8.  Don’t Ask for Improvements Right Away

Try not to complain about the little things when you’re touring your new space. This can turn off landlords, who may think you’re too high maintenance. So, leave behind that long list of home improvements and special favors.

You can ask questions about the property’s amenities. Just sound positive when you do. To help make your space look nice, clean your apartment when you move in. Dust from the near the ceiling and work your way toward the floor.

9.  Be a Responsible Pet Owner

If you have pets that you plan to bring on the property, make sure you have all their proper documentation. Not being prepared with this information can make landlords hesitant.

Bring along updated vaccination records and references from previous managers. Have them verify your dog is house-trained and friendly. In addition, know detailed information about your pet — including their breed, size and weight.

10.  Have a Checkbook on Hand

When you meet your landlord on move-in day, have your checkbook ready. That way, you can pay any application fees and deposits. There also may be other fees that day, like registering your car.

Along with your checkbook, make sure you have money available. Check your balance before move-in day.

Tips to Impress Your New Landlord

After moving in, you want to ensure a good relationship with the property manager. A bad one can lead to tension and possible conflict down the road. Follow these tips to have a successful relationship.

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