November 18, 2021

Few times of year are more fun and exciting than the holidays. You spend time with family, eat lots of good food, and decorate your home! If your house or apartment doesn’t include a lot of storage space, it can be difficult to figure out the best place to store your festive décor when you’re not using it. So here are some ideas on how to store your holiday decorations!

How do you safely store your holiday decorations at home?

Your holiday decorations are special. They bring back childhood nostalgia and remind you of your loved ones. Decorating for the holidays even has psychological benefits because it’s a fun activity that can boost your mood! For these reasons and more, it’s important to safely store your holiday decorations so that you can enjoy them year after year.  

Some people have enough storage space at their home to keep their seasonal décor year round. Here are a few tips to keeping your treasures safe when you store them at home:

  • Wrap your breakable decorations in materials like towels or newspaper to pad and protect them while they’re in storage.
  • Pack your decorations inside sturdy plastic bins. If possible, use uniform and waterproof bins to save on space and prevent water damage. This is especially important if you store them in your basement or attic where they could be exposed to humidity, rain, or flooding.  
  • Label at least two sides of every bin with the holiday and a brief description of the contents. This might seem like an unnecessary step, but you’ll thank yourself next year when you’re searching for that one ornament or knickknack!
  • If you have electronic or sentimental decorations—or anything else that could be damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures—store them in a closet instead of in your basement or attic. The stable temperature will help them stay in better condition.

Where can you safely store your holiday decorations if you don’t have space at your home?

Not everyone has the storage space at their home to hold onto holiday decorations when they’re not using them. In those cases, you can contact a local storage service for help!

Most self-storage facilities require that you rent at least one unit, and even the smallest units tend to be around 250 cubic feet. So if you just have a few bins or boxes to store, it’s not the most cost-effective option. However, a storage service can customize your storage package. These services often have a micro storage option that allows you to just store a few pieces inside their secure, temperature-controlled warehouse.

So save yourself some time and money. Store your holiday decorations with a storage service that can accommodate your needs!

Let Chicago’s easiest storage service store your holiday decorations

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