July 15, 2022

Planning a move into a new home is stressful no matter what, but even more so if you’re parents relocating with children. Whatever the reason for the move – a new job, looking to be closer to friends and family, or simply needing more space – it’s crucial that you prepare for the transition in advance to ensure a smoother, less stressful moving experience for both you and your kids. Read on to discover our tips for moving to a new home with your children.

Talk to Your Kids

Prior to moving, it’s a good idea to be transparent about how and why you are moving. Children may become stressed out if you’re springing the news on them unexpectedly, especially if they are going to need to start over with new friends at a new school. If you’re moving closer to family, this could be a motivator for your kids to get on board with moving. If the family is moving due to a job relocation or something not directly related to the kids, it might be a harder pill to swallow. But if you’re upsizing because you need more space, this can be an exciting reason to move! Be prepared for some resistance, as no one really likes change, and understand that your children may have some difficulty coming around to this decision. Best case scenario, they’re as excited as you!

Whether your kids are excited, apprehensive, or even unwilling, being transparent is crucial so that they can understand this transition and be part of the effort to move. In the case where a child may need some additional support, consider having them meet with a therapist who can better help them process their emotions and tackle this challenge.

Visit Your New Home Beforehand

Include your kids in the process of house hunting so that they feel involved, and it’ll likely help in their mental transition to a new home. By being able to explore and visualize themselves in potential new houses, children are likely to be more on board with the moving process as it won’t be as much of a shock. Plus, it’s essential to find a house the whole family loves.

If you’ve already chosen your house, it’s still a good idea to show your kids around your new neighborhood prior to the move. Your kids will want to know that they feel comfortable in the environment and that they can see themselves living there. Whether you take a day trip to your new town or make a whole vacation out of it, your children will appreciate the fun while becoming more familiar with the area.

Allow Your Kids to Help

Once your kids have made peace with why you’re moving and where you’re moving to, you can get them involved with the actual move itself. When it comes to moving, all help is appreciated! Put your kids to work and allow them to pack their belongings (if they’re able to, of course). By giving them some autonomy and control over their own items, they’ll feel more comfortable and in control of this big transition. Plus, extra helping hands can speed up the moving process.

When settling into your new home, your kids can be just as helpful as they were during the move. Allowing them to take control of unpacking their own belongings in their new rooms can make it even more exciting. This is also a great opportunity to allow your kids to decorate their new rooms as they see fit (within reason). Having a hand in outfitting their own bedrooms will allow your children to feel more comfortable in their new home.

Make It Familiar

While a new house won’t exactly be familiar to your kids, you can ease the transition to this new home by maintaining your normal routines as well as outfitting the house in a familiar fashion. If your kids normally have a room for playtime, designate a room in your new house for this purpose. You can also stock the kitchen with familiar snacks and furnish the house with other familiar objects or furniture, such as paintings or other decorations you used in your old house.

Since you are moving into a new house with children, it’s a good idea to get a home appliance warranty to protect your new appliances or systems against any accidental damage that might occur. This warranty won’t cover everything, so you’ll want to do your research so you can properly insure and cover everything within your new home in the event of an accident. This safety measure will keep your home protected while you focus on transitioning your children from your old house to your new home.

By informing your children, visiting your new home beforehand, and allowing your kids to be involved in the moving process, you’ll allow for a smoother, less stressful transition. Not to say that you might not hit a few snags in the process, but proper planning and preparation goes a long way with children. Visit our site today to learn everything you need to know about moving!

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