February 16, 2022

Buying and moving into a new home is an exciting life event. You get to settle in to a new place and truly make it your own. You’re basically starting the next chapter in your life!

However, moving can also be stressful. In fact, according to a recent survey, people find moving more stressful than getting divorced or having a child. And because moving and closing on your home both take planning and flexibility, it is not a good idea to move and close on your home the same day.

Your home closing is the official transfer of property ownership. You usually get your new keys once the closing is over, and of course you want to move into your new place as soon as possible! But closing dates and times can change, which affects your move date.

You don’t have to just take our word for it as a moving company. We chatted with Bette Bleeker, Broker with @properties for her expert perspective on moving and closing on your home the same day.

How your home closing affects your move date

Bleeker advises that “real estate brokers require doing a final walkthrough of sold properties after the property is vacant and cleaned”. And because there are so many moving parts, “coordinating this is a nightmare if you are trying to make it all happen in one day, and can delay or sidetrack the closing”.

Closing dates and times can change for all sorts of reasons, so you’ll have to be flexible. The title company’s schedule, concerns about predatory lending, issues with the buyer or seller’s financing, and questions about the final home inspection might cause your closing date or time to change.

If you scheduled your moving company around your closing date and time, you might have to reschedule or push your move back a few hours—or a few days. And that could mean wasting money on a cancellation fee or paying for your move crew to be on the clock but not working if your closing runs long.

Advantages of moving and closing on different days

In Bleeker’s experience, it’s best to move and close on different days. “I always suggest that moving out of your old place before your date of closing gives you a great opportunity to relax a bit, have much needed time to patch and clean your past place, and then move into your home at a more relaxed tempo,” she says. Some moving companies even offer overnight storage to accommodate their clients who move and close in different days, so you won’t have to worry about where your belongings are.

When you schedule your move and closing a few days apart, you have a little time to breathe. And you can even have some fun with the extra time! Bleeker suggests a few creative activities you can do after you move out of your home and before you can move into your new one:

  • “Camp out in your old place with sleeping bags and a pizza.
  • Check into a hotel with a spa and room service.
  • Couch surf with your parents and let them feed you breakfast and dinner.”

However you reward yourself for a well-planned move, you’ll “wake up relaxed and ready to face a busy day without fear,” Bleeker says.

Move and close on different days—and let Move-tastic! store your belongings overnight

Although it’s sometimes possible to move and close on your home the same day, it’s much easier and less stressful to break up these two major events.

The team at Move-tastic! is here to help you have a smooth, stress-free move. Visit our website for a free estimate or contact us to get more information about overnight storage.

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