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Chicago Moving Made Easy

Chicago Moving Made Easy

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  3. Stress-free moving day!
Whether you’re moving, packing or looking for storage for your residential or company move in Chicago, Move-tastic! always brings the hustle!
Whether you’re moving, packing or looking for storage for your residential or company move in Chicago, Move-tastic! always brings the hustle!
  1. Get an estimate!
  2. Chat with a move expert to plan!
  3. Stress-free moving day!

Get a FREE Estimate

Get a FREE Estimate

We love to move!

Most people don’t like moving. But we love it! As Chicago’s favorite moving company, we are highly trained moving professionals who will make your move easy, efficient, and stress-free. And maybe even fun!

We see every move as a chance to prove that we’re the best movers in Chicago. And we know that all moves are unique! That’s why we offer a variety of service to accommodate all of your moving needs:

Your trucks or ours? We offer full-service moves or can help you load or unload your rental truck.

We pride ourselves on providing every client with a full service, stress-free move. We hustle extra-hard for people and businesses in Chicago and select Chicagoland suburbs.

Are you dreading packing and prepping for your move? Make an appointment for packing and moving services today and let us do the work.

Save yourself a ton of time and trouble: Let us pack your stuff! Our packing experts can wrap & box-up your whole place in just one day for safe, efficient transport during your move.

Too much stuff to fit in your space? Don’t worry, we have extra storage space for your short or long-term needs.

Skip the trip to the self-storage lot. Let our pro movers safely store your stuff at our secure facility. Whether it’s for the short- or long-term, we’ll keep your goods stashed away safely.

Every Move is Special!

Whether you’re moving to a new home or relocating your office facility, you can rest assured that Move-tastic!—Chicago’s favorite moving company—will help you have a smooth and efficient move.
Each move is unique, and we want to help all of our clients in any way that we can. We offer a range of moving services so that we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our moving services include:
  • Full Moves
  • Truck Loading and Unloading
  • Interstate Moving Assistance
  • Intrabuilding Moves
  • And so much more! Give us a call if you have a special situation that's not covered here!

Residential moving services

Residential Moving Services

As Chicago’s favorite professional moving company, we love to help people move into their new homes. If you’re moving within the Chicagoland Area, we can handle your move labor and transportation on our own trucks. And if you’re working on an interstate move, we can help with your truck load or unload.
We understand that your needs are unique. And we’re here to do whatever we can to meet your specific moving needs and exceed your expectations. Just give us a call to find out how we can help you have a successful move day.

Office moving services

Commercial Moving Services

Relocating your business is a big deal. And we’re here to help! From furniture and cubicle disassembly all the way through the transportation of your materials, we’ve got you covered. We’ll start off with an onsite evaluation of your location and office contents so that we can create an accurate estimate for your move. And then we’ll help coordinate the logistics leading up to your move day.

Packing services

Packing Services

Save yourself a ton of time and trouble: Let us pack your stuff! Our packing experts can wrap and box up your whole place in just one day for safe, efficient transport during your move.
Because every move is unique, we offer a variety of packing services. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.
  • Full-Service Packing. We’ll bring skilled labor and packing supplies to your home a day or two before your move. By the time we’re done, you’ll have stacks of packed, organized, and labeled boxes!
  • Self-Service Packing. Feel like packing up your own belongings to prep for your move day? We’ve got you covered! We can provide all the materials you could possibly need, from sturdy plastic moving binsto professional recyclable newsprint.
  • Unpacking. Our team of experts can unpack your rental truck or portable storage containers. We can even fully unwrap and unpack all of your belongings and help set up your new home!

Storage services

Storage Services

We didn’t become Chicago’s favorite moving company without being flexible. And that flexibility includes storing your materials whenever you need that service. Sometimes closings are delayed. Sometimes our clients combine households and realize that they don’t have room for their old comic book collection. Whatever the reason, we’ll be happy to hang onto your materials.
We get it: your items and your move are unique. And that’s just fine with us! We can customize our storage service to accommodate your needs:
  • Overnight Storage. It’s pretty common for our clients to ask us to hold onto their items overnight. We can move you out of your old home one day, hold onto your materials overnight, and move you into your new home the next day.
  • Vault Storage. If you need a place to safely stash some items for a few weeks, months, or even years, our vault storage might be a good fit. We’ll pack all of your materials into an oversized wooden vault, where they’re stay until you’re ready to reunite yourself with your items.
  • Rack Storage. Our racking systems are ready when you need them! We can rent 4’x4’ or 4’x8’ spaces if you just need to stash a couch or a table.
  • Micro Storage. Just need to store a couple of boxes? We’ve got you! We’ll store as little or as much as you want.

Why Move-tastic?

Moving is a service-based industry, and we consider ourselves a hospitality-based company. Sure, we have great movers who will give you a great experience on your move day. But that’s not enough. We want you to have a great experience from your first contact with our Customer Service Team all the way through the service that our move crew provides on your move day.


We believe that culture is important to every company—it’s what makes us unique and sets us apart.
We’re not just the best professional movers in Chicago. We’re a family owned and operated business. We’re a lighthearted and fun-loving company. And all of our workers are employees—we don’t hire contractors.
There are five main pillars to our culture that we teach every single one of our employees. We eat, drink, breathe, and live these tenets!
  1. PMA—Positive mental attitude
  2. Safety
  3. Hustle
  4. Care
  5. Skill

Online Experience

Your online experience is important to us. And it’s important to our Owner and Founder! Pete Horvath—the dude who started it all—is a former IT Manager for a large Chicago hotel. His tech-centric mind helped us to become one of the first moving companies in Chicago to offer a website and a web-based intake form.
As we’ve grown, we’ve added some pretty cool stuff to our website—and will continue to do so! We are proud of our technology, and we’ll continue to focus on keeping our website ahead of the curve to ensure an enjoyable and streamlined process for all of our clients.

Customer Service

Moving can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! We pride ourselves on our ability to reduce the stress of moving for every single customer. And this starts with our stellar customer service.
We see the moving industry as a hospitality-based industry. That’s why all of our team members—from our office staff to our movers—are trained in customer service. We are here to answer questions, accommodate changes, and provide you with an outstanding moving experience.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us or submit an estimate request today. We can’t wait to show you why we are Chicago’s favorite professional movers!

Professional Movers

You deserve the best professional moving company in Chicago—movers who understand how valuable your possessions are. That’s why each member of our team undergoes a rigorous training process before we send them on their first move.
We want to ensure that our clients receive the most enjoyable moving, packing, and storage experience possible. Our crew of fit and friendly dudes strive to handle every move with safety, speed, and courtesy. We hustle hard so that you don’t get hustled!


Our employees are our number one pride and joy. But our fleet is a close second!
Part of being a flexible moving company is having a range of vehicle sizes in our fleet. Whether you’re moving into a large house or are switching to a different unit in the same building, we’ve got you covered. Our fleet ranges in size from utility vehicles up to 26’ box trucks, and everything in between. Whatever you need, just call Chicago’s favorite movers!

We are fully licensed and insured

As the best moving company in Chicago, we are licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission, fully insured, and we’re a longstanding member of the Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association. We love to show off our credentials, so just ask if there’s anything else you want to see!

We are Chicago’s favorite movers!

We put a lot of time into our clients’ experience. Every aspect of our company—from customer service through training our movers all the way to our fun-loving culture—involves a lot of attention to detail.
And it shows! Our clients love us. Just check out some of our reviews.

Other Moving Services

The word “move” is in our company name, but our service goes beyond just moving. In addition to traditional moving, packing, and storage, we can help you with a wide range of related services:
  • Plastic rental bins that are great for moving and storage. They’re cooler, cheaper, and more eco-friendly than cardboard!
  • Packing supply delivery so you don’t have to run to multiple stores to pick up packing paper, tape, boxes, etc.
  • Parking permit coordination, because dealing with the City of Chicago to arrange where we can park our truck isn’t at the top of your list. We’ll handle it for you!
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) to make your building management company happy.
  • Basic furniture assembly and disassembly so that you don’t have to worry about which tools you might not have in that dusty old toolbox of yours.
  • Home staging for that upcoming sale. Have your home organizer or realtor call us for details.
  • Disposal service for your unwanted items. Let us do the heavy lifting and transport that old couch or dresser to a resale shop, a donation center, or a recycling center!


Movin’ and Groovin’ since 2007

What do an IT Manager and a schoolteacher do when they want to help people and get in a good workout?
They start a moving company!
Move-tastic! was founded in 2007 by Pete and Pat. These dudes are best friends, neighbors, bandmates, and triathletes. Pete bought a pickup truck in 2004 to make his life easier during some home renovations. Having a pickup truck in the City of Chicago gave him instant celebrity status! Friends, family, and neighbors called him for help with IKEA missions, Craigslist furniture pickups, Costco runs, and anything else you could imagine a pickup helping with.
Together, Pete and Pat started helping friends move. Someone posted a Yelp review, and soon the guys were getting calls from all over the city. They moved at night and on weekends, whenever their day jobs would allow.
In September 2008, Pete purchased the first official box truck for the company. Fast forward to today, when we have a full fleet showing off our logo and slogans!

General questions

What are your hours of operation?
Our office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, 9am to 12pm Saturday & Sunday. If you have any non-immediate questions, we also check our email often. Generally, our moves take place between 8am and 8pm, but we are willing to move any time of day or night, including weeknights and weekends.
How does your scheduling work?
Every crew typically performs two moves a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning move starts around 8am or 9am and ends when the last item in our truck is placed in the destination address. We try to estimate this time as best as possible, but it difficult to predict the exact duration of a move. Thus, our afternoon and evening moves do not have fixed start times. The start times vary depending on when the morning move finishes. We kindly ask afternoon clients to be prepared to start their moves anytime between 1pm and 5pm.
What are your rates?
We charge a competitive hourly rate that depends on several factors, including the number of men needed to execute your move, travel distance between your initial and final destinations, and other considerations. We regularly conduct market research to guarantee that our rates stay competitive.
Do you have an hourly minimum?
We do have a 2 hour minimum for all residential jobs. The hourly labor rate is pro-rated in 15 minute increments for any time over our 2 hour minimum.
What payment methods do you accept?
We wish we could get paid in gold... At present, we ONLY accept cash and all major credit cards.
Do you provide a receipt?
Yes, we will provide you with a bill of lading via email.
How far in advance do I need to book my move?
The end of the month is by far the busiest time to schedule a move, so please contact us in advance to make sure that we have availability. That said, we are happy to accommodate last-minute moves for instance, when other moving companies don’t show up when our schedule allows. Please note, we operate on a first come, first serve basis and our availability is constantly changing. Our availability may change at anytime and your slot is not secured until you receive a confirmation email from us.
What about deposits/cancellation fees?
We do not require deposits. To avoid a cancellation fee, we require a 72 hour notice prior to the day of your move via email or phone.
What are your Terms of Service?
We thought you’d never ask! Here are our Terms of Service.
Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
You betcha!
Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page

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