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We want to make your moving experience as easy and stress-free as possible. In addition to our moving and packing services, we offer storage options at our facility. So if you’ve got too much junk to fit in your trunk, just contact us for a local storage quote!

Sometimes house closings are delayed. Sometimes our clients combine households and realize that they don’t have room for their old comic book collection. Whatever the reason, we can hold onto everything from a box or two all the way up to your entire household’s worth of furniture. Whether you need storage for one night or a full year, let Move-tastic! be your go-to for storage service in Chicago.

Not sure how many items you’ll need to store? No problem! If you need more or less storage space from what you originally thought, we’ll adjust your space and your bill on the spot. We’ll work with you to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


What advantages does Move-tastic! have over a unit in a self-storage facility? Oh, let us count the ways!


You only pay for the storage that you use at our warehouse—and our pricing doesn’t change based on demand. But at a self-storage facility, you’ll have to pay for the entire unit no matter how much space you actually fill up. And you might pay more if the self-storage place is close to their full storage capacity.

Whether you need to store your entire home’s worth of furniture or just a few items that you want out to de-clutter your home, we’re happy to accommodate at a fair and static price. In fact, we offer four different types of monthly storage options to make sure we can provide the storage solution that fits your specific needs:

  • Overnight Storage. It’s common for our clients to move out of their old home one day and into their new home the next day. We’re happy to keep your materials overnight to accommodate your closing date or landlord’s schedule.

  • Vault Storage. At about 200 cubic feet each, our wooden vaults have enough space to fit most couches, tables and chairs. Plus, a mattress. And, a bunch of boxes. And maybe even few lamps!

  • Rack Storage. Need a few 4’x4’ or 4’x8’ rack spaces for your furniture or boxes? We’ve got you! We’ll pack and wrap your items and stow them in our racking system for as long as you need.

  • Micro Storage. If you just have a few boxes—i.e., not enough to fit into a vault or a rack—we’re happy to label and store them in our warehouse.

Safe and secure Chicago storage: Move-tastic!
Safe and secure Chicago storage: Move-tastic!


Second , your materials will be safe at our facility. All of our clients’ stored materials are kept in our climate controlled storage warehouse that is under video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only Move-tastic! employees have access to our storage facility, so you can rest assured that your possessions are in good hands while they’re stored with us.


We’ll handle all of the loading and unloading labor when you start storing with us and when you’re ready for us to bring your materials back to you. There’s no need for you to lift a finger. After all, the only thing we break is a sweat!


We hold the key to easy storage. Our customers love us because we reduce their stress by making things simple. We’ll be the brains and the brawn for your move. We’ll even bring the packing supplies for your storage items!

When you’re ready to collect your goods, our professional movers will move your materials out of storage and right to your home. What could be easier?


“Super helpful! I have been moving around Chicago multiple times (hopefully now a little less) and I have done it all: rented my own truck, used Craigslist, enlisted friends, and professional services. Definitely a professional service, and they did a great job. Good with wrapping up my furniture, packing and bringing it to storage. And when I moved from storage to my new place, they were fast and efficient!”
– Hazim A., Chicago

“I am so happy I used Move-tastic!. They were quick, thorough and cost-effective. We used them to pack, load a truck and (last minute) move stuff into their storage vault (I didn't realize how much stuff we had). Move-tastic was incredibly flexible and immediately helped me load and move stuff into a vault at their facility. My move was incredibly last minute and they were flexible in timing etc. The guys had a great attitude and I am so glad we used them.”
– Kristen H., Chicago


Moving and storage go hand-in-hand. And we’re happy to hold onto your items if you need local storage service, whether it’s for one night or a couple of years!

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