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About Move-tastic!

About Move-tastic!

Move-tastic! is more than a company.

It’s a phenomenon. A community. And dare we say…a movement!

We know that moving can actually be fun. Part of our customer service mantra is to make moving FUN by being Flexible, Understanding, and Nice while we provide each of our clients a fun, stress-free, and smooth experience.

Whether we’re providing packing, moving, or storage service, our goal is always to accommodate your needs and exceed your expectations. That’s how we became Chicago’s favorite professional movers and packers. And that’s not a title that we take lightly!

Passion for Helping People

Back in the early 2000s, Pete was an IT Director in the hospitality industry. He used a pickup truck to make his life easier during some home renovations, and then started helping family and friends with IKEA pickups, Costco runs, Craigslist furniture purchases, and just about anything else you can imagine. As a triathlete with a passion for helping people, Pete loved lending a hand—and getting a great workout in the process!

Along with his best buddy, Pete started performing full moves, and the guys helped their friends, family, and neighbors move around Chicago. Someone posted an online review, and the floodgates opened! They started getting calls from all over the city, so they moved at night and on the weekends. And since they’re both too dumb to say “no”, they handled a LOT of moves!

Moving proved to be the perfect fit for Pete. His boundless energy, hospitable nature, and love of helping people led him to leave his day job in IT and start the best moving company in Chicago.

A Family-Owned—and Woman-Operated—Moving Company

Pete’s love of moving didn’t stop with that old pickup. In September 2008, he purchased a used moving truck so that he could move his then-girlfriend (now wife!) Rachel from New York to Chicago. With a background in fashion design and business management, Rachel had a passion for anticipating clients’ needs and making people happy. She left the fashion industry to join the ever-exciting moving industry, and climbed the Move-tastic! ranks to become President so that she could run the daily operations while Pete was movin’ and groovin’ around the Chicagoland Area.

Together, Pete and Rachel have built a hard-working, fun-loving, family-owned, and woman-operated company with dedicated employees and countless happy clients . The entire Move-tastic! Team understands that moving is a service-based, hospitality-inspired industry. And that translates into a phenomenal moving experience for each of our customers!

Why We Are the Best Movers in Chicago

Our customers know that they can’t trust just any moving company to get the job done right. They want the very best! Here are a few things that set us apart from other moving companies in Chicago:

  • Teamwork.
    Great teams provide great service. And not to brag, but we have built an amazing Dream Team that flat out loves working together. Backed by intensive training and a team-oriented support system, each and every Team Member—from Customer Service to our Movers—has the talent, skills, and confidence to provide the best moving experience for every customer every day.
  • Service Excellence.
    We provide great service at a fair price. Our hospitable team members are dedicated to providing amazing service, and our unique material pricing structure is designed to save you money and protect all of your belongings. In other words, we prioritize top-notch service in everything we do! We’re well into our second decade of operation, and our customer reviews speak for themselves.
  • Hospitality.
    We pride ourselves on being courteous, friendly, and helpful. Think of our team as a group of buddies helping you move. We just happen to be your most talented buddies in Chicago!
  • Culture.
    We know that moving can be fun, and happy team members provide awesome service. So we make sure that our team loves working at Move-tastic! We keep things lighthearted with our internal company meetings, our fleet slogans, and our daily interactions with clients. And since you’re free of stress when you’re having fun, our culture helps us provide smooth and efficient moves day after day.
  • Technology.
    We are proud nerds. We absolutely love technology! Our team works with our proprietary, custom-made online system from the moment you submit an estimate request through the time your Crew Leader finalizes your bill on our tablets after the move. We are continually making updates to provide the best and easiest client experience ever!

Why Our Team Loves Working for the Best Moving Company in Chicago

The better we take care of our team, the better they take care of our clients. We have built a great team of hardworking, friendly, and well-trained Movers to help your pack and move be smooth and stress-free.

We pride ourselves on being one of the greatest workplaces in Chicago. We work hard, play hard, and live by five main moving pillars that make our culture great:

  1. PMA -
    Positive Mental Attitude!
  2. Safety -
    We protect our clients’ belongings and homes, and we make sure our team has the knowledge and equipment to do a great job safely.
  3. Hustle -
    We hustle so our clients don’t get hustled!
  4. Care -
    We treat our team, our clients, and the community with care and compassion.
  5. Skill -
    We’re always learning and working to gain new skills so we can continue to impress our clients.

Each and every Move-tastic! Team Member is treated to monthly parties, annual outings, and the opportunity to earn bonus money every single day.

Do you have what it takes to be Move-tastic!? Apply online to our open positions today!

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