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Loading & Unloading Services

Loading & Unloading Services

You already know that Move-tastic! is one of Chicago’s highest rated moving companies for residential moves, but did you know that you can have that same great moving service when you just need movers for loading or unloading a truck? Whether you are renting a truck and driving yourself, using another long haul moving company, or using a shipping container servier, we can provide the heavy lifting!

There are lots of reasons to hire professional movers for loading and unloading only. First, you get skilled labor that knows how to load and unload a moving truck safely. Second, we will provide all of the materials you need to ensure your items arrive at their destination intact and without a scratch. And finally, our support staff will walk you through the entire process from selecting a long haul or shipping container company, to ensuring you have all of the correct moving permits, to navigating the complex logistics of organizing a move in Chicagoland. Our professional team of movers and logistics experts saves you time and money.

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Offered Services

Loading and Unloading Rental Trucks

There are lots of situations where hiring movers for loading or unloading only is the perfect solution. If you are moving across the country and will be driving your own rental truck, our movers can load your truck for you so that the hard part is done, and so that you can hit the road with the confidence of knowing that your truck, van or trailer is loaded securely. We can even provide packing services so that you have a full service experience on the Chicago side of your move! And hey, if you’re moving from out of state to Chicago, flip that formula around! Our crew of professional movers will meet you when you arrive in the city to unload your truck and get you started on the right foot.

Loading and Unloading Pods, Containers and Long Haul Trucks

Our loading and unloading services are also great in conjunction with other companies, like companies that provide storage containers or moving trailers. Just like we can load or unload your rental truck, we can also provide labor only for loading or unloading your long haul mover’s trailer or a storage container that has been delivered to your home or to a facility. We have a lot of experience working with companies like Pods, Pack-Rat, ABF, Stevenson Transfer, and other container and long haul moving companies, we are the perfect partner for guiding you through the logistics of ensuring a stress free moving day.

Loading and Unloading for Commercial Moves

We also provide loading and unloading services for businesses. Moving your office is difficult enough already. Let us relieve some of that stress by providing the labor you need to load or unload your furniture and equipment. We can also provide furniture assembly to ensure that your office is setup and ready for your team. If your business is moving, give us a call to set up a free on-site estimate. Our team will help you understand the costs of moving and navigate the complicated process of ensuring a seamless transition.

Recommended Companies for Cross Country Moving

We have been moving in Chicagoland for a long time, and we have seen it all! These are the truck rental, shipping container rental, and long haul moving companies that we recommend to ensure you have the best possible moving experience.

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