March 3, 2023
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Moving to a new apartment takes some work and organization. You have to let your old landlord or roommate know you’re ending your lease, find a new place, and plan the move itself. Since about 55% of households in Chicago are renter-occupied, this is a common occurrence! If you’re like many Chicagoans, you might be looking into the cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment.

In order to help you budget and plan for your upcoming move, here’s a look at the costs you can expect.

Costs you can expect when moving a 2-bedroom apartment

The best moving companies in Chicago provide clear, transparent pricing so you know exactly what costs you can expect. Most local movers charge hourly rates, travel fees, and material fees. They’ll ask you to provide an inventory of items they’ll move, plus your move-out and move-in addresses. They’ll also need to know if any of your locations has elevators or flights of stairs, as this can affect the amount of time your move will take.

Once they have this information, your moving company will create an estimate that includes the number of movers you’ll need, how long they believe your move will take, and the hourly rate for your move.

What hourly rates do Chicago moving services charge?

As you research moving companies in Chicago, one of your first questions will be about hourly rates. Each moving service can charge their own hourly rates—and these may vary based on the time of year, month, or week that you’re moving. If cost is a concern, be sure to ask your local mover if you can save money by moving on a different day.

Each moving company in Chicago will have their own pricing. However, here’s a look at some average hourly moving rates:  

  • $120 to $140 for a 2-person crew
  • $170 to $190 for a 3-person crew
  • $220 to $240 for a 4-person crew

The size of your move crew will depend largely on what you need moved. For example, if you have a lot of heavy furniture that requires at least two movers to safely carry, chances are your moving company will estimate a 4-person crew so that two “teams” each can move the large items. However, if you have a small inventory with lightweight furniture and boxes, you might be able to use a 2- or 3-person crew.

The number of movers on your crew affects both your hourly rate and your travel time.

What travel fees do Chicago moving services charge?

In addition to hourly rates, Chicago moving services usually charge travel fees. On most 2-bedroom moves, there are three legs of the move crew’s journey:

  1. The commute from the moving company’s facility to the apartment you’re moving out of. This is part of your travel fee.
  2. The distance from your old home to your new one. The move crew is on the clock for this with their hourly rate. This does not add to your travel fee, and will be included in the overall move time.
  3.  The commute from your new home back to the moving company’s facility. This is part of your travel fee.

In other words, your travel fee is calculated based on the total distance from the moving company’s office to your first location and from your second location to the moving company’s office. If you need more than one moving truck or additional crew members, your travel fee will increase. However, the inventory for most 2-bedroom apartments is usually small enough to fit inside one truck and be completed by a 3- or 4-person crew, so this isn’t a concern for most small apartment renters.

Remember: Chicago is a huge city. It’s home to about 100 neighborhoods and spans over 230 square miles. Since moving services in Chicago base their travel fees off of the distance between your apartment and their facility, you might want to choose a moving company that’s close to you in order to save money on travel fees.

What material fees can you expect when moving a 2-bedroom apartment?

After you’ve got an idea of how the travel fees and hourly cost to move your 2-bedroom apartment, you can bring materials into the equation. Moving companies in Chicago will charge you for the materials used during your move, including:

  • Moving blankets
  • Shrink wrap
  • Tape
  • Specialty boxes for your TV, mirrors, and hanging artwork
  • Floor runners
  • Dollies or skates

Most moving services in Chicago will charge you based on the amount of materials they use. That means that if you’re moving on a budget, you have to decide which of your possessions deserve to be appropriately protected in blankets and shrink wrap.

Move-tastic! believes that everything inside your home is equally important. That’s why we charge one flat material fee based on your home’s size. Our fee includes unlimited use of blankets, shrink wrap, tape, and many other standard materials that our team will bring on move day. The only additional materials fee you may incur is if you need specialty items like TV boxes or artwork boxes.

Average cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment

The average cost to move in Chicago varies based on your location, when you’re moving, and the size of your inventory. Since your apartment is as unique as you are, it’s difficult to pin down an average cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment that applies to everyone. For example: a small 2-bedroom apartment that’s close to your moving company could cost around $500 to move. And a larger apartment whose resident is moving across the city could cost closer to $1300.  

As you research the cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment, remember that your moving company is your partner. If you’re concerned about your budget, just ask your local mover for some cost saving tips.

Cost saving tips when you move a 2-bedroom apartment

“How do I save money on my move?”

That’s one of the top questions about moving in Chicago. And with good reason! Moving isn’t just stressful—it can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can cut your moving costs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan ahead. The more prepared you are for your move day, the smoother the move will go—and the more money you can save. Use a moving checklist to make sure you’re ready when your movers arrive.
  • Choose the right packing supplies. Instead of buying single-use cardboard boxes and tape, you can rent reusable plastic moving bins to pack your belongings. These sturdy totes will save you money with the added benefit of being more ecofriendly than cardboard.
  • Move small items yourself. If you have access to your new apartment before you move out of your old one, consider moving small items in your personal car. In some cases, your movers will even help you load up your own car!

The best moving companies in Chicago will help you save money on your move. Just let your local mover know that you have budgetary concerns so they can help you prepare for a successful and cost-friendly move!

Move-tastic! can help you save money moving your 2-bedroom apartment!

The Move-tastic! Team are the experts in moving across Chicagoland. We pride ourselves in helping our clients have a stress-free and cost-efficient move.

Visit our website for a free estimate or contact us to find out how we can help you move into a new apartment! 

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