May 4, 2022

If you have just finished a move, you might not exactly be in the mood to get onto your phone or PC and leave a review. And yet, that is what you should do while the experience is still fresh in your memory. Even if it seems like a drag or just pointless, there are good reasons why you should leave a review for your moving company.

Your review can help your favorite movers grow

Reviews are helpful for a moving company beyond being able to spot trouble and come up with new services. Positive reviews will attract more attention. But that is not all! Moving companies need to deal with generating exposure and trying to boost the SEO of their website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is crucial to any business with an online presence since better SEO makes them pop up near the top of Google Search results. By leaving a good review, you are also making it more likely for your favorite moving company to be randomly discovered by others. And if you have any experience with trying to move, then you know well how important it is to find a quality moving company to help you out during such a complex undertaking.

You can give suggestions for new services

One reason you should leave a review for your moving company is if you want them to introduce new services. Like most other businesses, moving companies try to pander to their customers. This means that they will only consider adding a service if there is enough interest in it. If no one wants help with cleaning, for example, then there is no reason they insist on putting their workers through training for that. Or go out of their way to form teams for that particular purpose. So, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of learning how to pack for a move properly, and wish that you can have assistance with that in the future, then leave a review and request it! If enough people are doing it, the moving company will listen.

Reviews help moving companies realize what they’re doing wrong

It might seem unexpected, but it is tough for management to realize when something is going wrong in the field. If a team or customer service does a subpar job, that can be truly difficult to spot. This is why reviews are the best way for moving companies to measure customer satisfaction. And know what they can improve! Suppose you leave a review complaining about the mistreatment you had suffered, or even just something that can be significantly improved when helping people move. In that case, chances are the moving company will listen. Of course, while you should leave a review for your moving company, you should also strive to be objective. Reviews filled with just angry complaints left when you were having a bad day don’t constructively contribute in any way.

You can help others figure out if a moving company is the right fit

Different people have different moving needs and desires. Therefore, even if a moving company is perfect in every way, it can still be a bad fit for someone. After all, they might do things in a specific way that does not match with the particular customer. This is where reviews come in. If you write a detailed review about your experience with the moving company, you can help people decide whether it would be a good pick for them. On the other hand, you would benefit from the same when looking for a moving company to try out. So, yes, it does not directly benefit you. However, if everyone gets more into the habit of leaving reviews, a virtuous cycle can be formed!

You can help people avoid scams and bad practices

Another example of why you ought to leave a review for your movers is helping eliminate scammers from the market. There is, unfortunately, a large number of ‘moving companies’ which are just shells for tricking people out of their money. However, because of what they are trying to do, they still need to present themselves as a proper moving company. And this gives you a perfect opportunity to ruin their efforts and get them off the market so they cannot hurt anyone else. Even if only one or two reviews are likely to be mixed into the fake reviews generated by the scammers, leaving more will eventually lead to people being able to avoid them. Similarly, it’s helpful if you grade the five traits of reliable movers in your reviews so that future customers can know how trustworthy the company is.

Reviews help you keep track of the companies you’ve worked with

The final reason why you should leave a review for your moving company is to make things easier for yourself if you need them again. This is especially applicable if you move around a lot. When trying to find the perfect movers, the process is long and annoying. And it is not exactly easy to remember phone numbers, contact details and exact names of moving companies. So, if you can use your review history, things will be much simpler! You can quickly figure out which moving company you would like to hire once again by going over past reviews. And, since most reviews go through Google sponsored apps, doing this should be relatively quick and easy.

Final comment

Now, you know why you should leave a review for your moving company. Therefore, we hope you will be more inclined to do it in the future. Just remember you will be helping yourself and others, and you should be able to find the motivation to do it. After all, you would be doing everyone a huge favor, and you won’t have to invest more than a few minutes of your time.

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