October 26, 2023
Moving with kids near a moving truck

Moving sometimes gets a bad rap for being stressful—especially if you’re moving with kids who either don’t want to move to a new home or don’t entirely understand the moving process. However, starting a new chapter in your life by relocating can actually be fun and exciting! And if you add a few child friendly items to your moving checklist, you and your kids can have a stress-free—and even a fun—moving experience!

Talk to your kids—and be positive!

As you prepare for your move, talk openly with your kids about the moving process. Relocating to a new home is a big life event for your children as well as for you, and it’s important that they understand what’s going to happen and why. Maybe you’re relocating for a job, moving closer to family, or upsizing your home to account for your growing family. Whatever the reason, make sure your kids know what to expect, and that they’re comfortable asking you questions as your moving day approaches.

Additionally, help your kids understand that moving doesn’t have to be stressful or sad. Focus on the positives! Get them excited about decorating their new room, meeting new friends, and playing in a new backyard. If you show your kids that moving can be fun, you’ll help your entire family have a smooth transition to your new home.

Show your kids that moving can be fun

Once your kids understand the benefits of moving, show them that the moving process itself can be fun! Here are a few ways to de-stress your move and involve your kids in the moving process:

  • Put on their favorite music. As you pack and prep for move day, play some fun, family-friendly tunes. While you roll up your sleeves and get to work, the kids can have a ball singing and dancing.
  • Turn moving with kids into an arts and crafts opportunity. Let the kids decorate the boxes as you’re done packing them. Break out the finger paints and markers and let them exercise their creative muscles.
  • Turn moving into a game. Creating a little contest is a great way to involve your entire family in the move—and keep them happy and upbeat. Maybe the child who helps out the most gets to pick the restaurant for the evening’s dinner, or whoever packs up their own room the fastest gets an extra few minutes of screen time. Cater to your children’s motivators!
  • Keep things light and silly on move day. Why not have a little fun on your actual move day? The entire family can wear silly hats, or the kids can dress up in costumes. It’ll add levity to a potentially stressful day, and your moving crew will see that you’re a fun-loving family!

There are plenty of ways to make moving with kids a positive experience. So get creative and have some fun!

Check out your new neighborhood

Get your kids excited about their new home by showing them around your new neighborhood. Show them their new school, the parks they can play in, and all the other fun attractions around their new home.

And while you’re at it, show them your new home itself as well! Let them walk around the property, and if possible, give them an inside tour. The more they see your new place in a positive light, the more excited and happier they’ll be throughout the moving process—and the less stressed you’ll be, too.

Keep yourself stress-free by carefully planning your move

Throughout the move planning process, your kids will feed off of your energy. If you stay calm and stress-free, they likely will too!

First and foremost, start planning your move early: at least two months in advance if possible. This will give you time to check off all the items on your moving checklist, including:

  • Research the best local moving companies near you
  • Declutter your home by donating to local charities or holding a yard sale
  • Find out where to get free moving boxes and where to find ecofriendly moving supplies
  • Determine whether you’ll need help packing your home

Another great way to keep moving stress at bay is to find the best residential professional movers in your area. Keep in mind that a cheap moving service might not be the best moving company—in many cases, you get what you pay for when it comes to local moving companies. Before you select a mover, check out their online reviews and make sure you’re comfortable working with their Customer Service Team. Your family deserves the best moving company in Chicago, so take your time and make the right choice.

The best movers in Chicago can help make moving with kids a breeze! 

Move-tastic! understands that moving with kids can be stressful. And we’re here to make your move easy, efficient, and stress-free. Let us relieve some of that stress by helping plan your move and delivering the best possible move day experience.  

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