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Chicago's Favorite Movers

Chicago's Favorite Movers

Move-tastic! has been helping the Windy City move for decades. We are tried and true Chicagoans and we know Chitown inside and out.

Whether you’re headed to the Loop, Uptown, South Side, West Side, the ’burbs or anywhere in between, you can trust us for the most reliable and efficient moving services in all of Chitown.

We love our hometown and the people here—with all our mix of grit and kindness. We’re proud to be a moving company that represents this great city. When you’re ready to move, we’ll bring that Chicago work ethic right to your move and get you squared away in no time at all.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Chicago Moving Company



We pride ourselves on creating a fun and stress-free moving experience. We love our customers, and they love us! Check out our awesome customer reviews on Yelp , Angi and Google


WE LOVE OUR TEAM—and So Will You!

We have built a hard-working, friendly, honest, and well-trained moving crew. And we appreciate every mover on our team. Because the better we care for our team, the better they care for you!



In addition to being fun and friendly, we’re also fully licensed and insured. The Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association and Illinois Commerce Commission love us. And the feeling is mutual!

Get a FREE Moving Quote

Get a FREE Moving Quote

We’ll Get You Ready for Your Chicagoland Move

We’re here to help you through the entire moving process—from your free online estimate all the way to your moving day.

Read our handy Move Planning & Scheduling guide to get things started. Once your move is booked, check out our Prep & Pack for Move Day sheet for tips to prepare your belongings and household goods for safe transport.

Being completely packed and organized is the best way to ensure a move that’s as smooth as Chicago itself!

Professional moving crew gathered by their Move-Tastic truck in Chicago

“Move-tastic is the best moving company in Chicago.”

Anybody can brag about themselves—trust us, we know. But that’s basic. We like to let our customers—and their 5 stars—speak for us.

“Move-tastic is the best moving company in Chicago. . . . I had a great experience — they took very good care of my stuff and were affordable.”
Laura F.
“Showed up and got our move done in record time. Saved us some good money and were totally accurate on the time spent. Office staff is friendly and efficient. . . . They’re the real deal. We’re going to use them for our next move.”
Patrick O.
“Amazing positive attitude, strong as BULLS! They took care when packing our things. Worked like soldiers too.
Will recommend the Move-tastic team to all!!!!! The best in the business!! A true joy of a moving experience! A+++”
Lea A.

Efficient Moving Services in Chicago

Moving can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! When you pick Move-tastic!—Chicago’s favorite moving company—you can rest assured that your entire moving process will be smooth and efficient.

Moving is a service-based industry, and we consider ourselves a hospitality-based company. From every Customer Service Representative to each Professional Mover on our team, we pride ourselves on being F.U.N.: flexible, understanding, and nice!

At Move-tastic!, we understand that not all of our clients look forward to packing, moving, and unpacking. Our goal with every move is to put you at ease and help in any way that we can. Our clients appreciate our lighthearted and fun-loving culture—and they notice the intensive training that every mover goes through. Our movers’ great attitudes don’t hurt, either!

Moving can be stressful. We’re here to put you at ease and help in any way that we can. Get your free moving estimate , or contact us to talk to a human about any specific questions you have. Our Customer Service Team loves to chat!


Whether you’re moving into a new home, to a new city, or relocating your office, we’re here to help with all of your moving needs in the Chicago Area.

Here’s a quick look at the different services we offer:

  • Full Move — We’ll handle the moving labor and transport of your items from home to home or office to office in our own trucks Our crew will show up, wrap and pad your furniture in blankets and shrink wrap, disassemble furniture when necessary, transport the items to your new space, and then bring everything inside. Our crews can even reassemble most furniture if you need a hand.

  • Truck Load or Unload – Some of our clients prefer to rent and drive their own moving truck—and some of our commercial clients even own trucks for transportation. We’re happy to bring the packing and moving materials so that we can perform the labor for your load and unload.

  • Interstate Moving – We don’t provide full moving service across state lines, but we can still help with your interstate move. And our rates are much lower than interstate carriers! We’ll bring any supplies you might need for your loading or unloading. Then we’ll handle the heavy lifting to load up your truck or storage container on your way out of Illinois—or unload your truck or container to welcome you to the great City of Chicago!

  • Intrabuilding – Are you or your company moving to a different unit inside the same building? We’re on it! We’ll show up with the materials and muscle to move you within your facility.

Residential Moving

Moving within Chicagoland? We’ve got you covered from A to Z. We’ll even pack for you! Moving outside of the area or from out of town. We can still help you with all of your local needs. We can improve your long-distance moving experience, and usually at a more affordable price than interstate carriers.

Commercial Moving

Relocating your business is a big deal—and a big undertaking! We are Chicago’s commercial moving. We’ll start with an onsite evaluation of your location and office contents so that we can create an accurate estimate for your move. Then we’ll help you coordinate the logistics leading up to your moving day.

Move-tastic moving truck parked on a residential Chicago street

Local Packing Services

We’re also Chicago's favorite packing service! If you want to lessen the stress of your moving day, we’ve got you covered. From a variety of moving boxes to recyclable newsprint and reusable wardrobe boxes, we’ve got the labor and materials you need to safely pack up all of your beloved possessions and household goods. We can even provide zero-waste plastic rental moving bins!

We specialize in both residential and commercial packing. And we love to customize our services to accommodate each customer. Check out our packing guide to get started, and then give us a shout for more information!

Storage Services

What do you do when you need storage service in Chicago? You call us!

Our secure and temperature-controlled warehouse is the perfect place to store your items. Need a place to stash some stuff for a couple of weeks until your new home is ready? No problem! Can’t quite part with that old furniture from your bachelor or bachelorette pad? Bring it on! We can even accommodate your short-term storage. So if you need a safe place to keep your stuff for just a night or two, we’re your go-to.

Other Chicago Moving Services

The word “move” is in our company name, but our service goes beyond just moving. In addition to traditional moving, packing, and storage, we can help you with a wide range of related services:

  • Plastic rental bins that are great for moving and storage. They’re cooler, cheaper, and more eco-friendly than cardboard!

  • Packing supply delivery so you don’t have to run to multiple stores to pick up moving boxes, packing paper, and tape.

  • Parking permit coordination, because deadlines with the City of Chicago to arrange where we can park our moving truck isn’t at the top of your list. We’ll handle it for you!

  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) service to make your building management company happy.

  • Basic furniture assembly and disassembly so that you don’t have to worry about which tools you might not have in that dusty old toolbox of yours.

  • Home staging for that upcoming sale. Just have your home organizer or realtor call us for details.

  • Disposal service and junk removal for your unwanted items. Let us do the heavy lifting and transport that old couch or dresser to a resale shop, a donation center, or even the dump!

We try to offer the world to our clients. But there are a few things that we can’t do, like moving hazardous or high-value items. Here are some examples of items that we cannot move:

  • Currency and coin collections

  • Firearms and ammunition

  • Flammable items such as gas cans, propane tanks, etc.

  • Jewelry

  • Medication

  • Valuable papers and documents such as passports, house or vehicle titles, etc.

Moving truck parked in the Loop in Chicago


Chicago’s favorite movers are here to help!

Let us get you moved! Submit an estimate request today, and we’ll send you a free estimate for your move. Or contact us directly. We love to chat!


Moving services

What size move can you accommodate?
Our box trucks range between 16 and 26 feet and can typically accommodate a 1-3 bedroom apartment. For single family homes and larger moves, multiple trucks are required.
What geographical area do you service? Do you provide long-distance moves?
We move within Chicago and suburbs within a 40-mile radius of our headquarters. We do not provide long-distance moves, but we do frequently provide truck-loading service for out-of-town moves.
I am moving in from out-of-state. Can you help me unload my truck when I arrive?
Absolutely. We do truck loads and unloads, pod loads and unloads, and other labor that requires heavy lifting.
Do you move pianos and other large, unruly items?
We move upright and spinet pianos for an additional $125 fee. Although we don’t move grand and baby grand pianos ourselves, we have a partnership with Chicago’s best piano moving company. Please call or email us to obtain more specific information about moving pianos or other large cumbersome items.
Do you move at odd times (holidays, evenings, weekends, early mornings)?
With the exception of major national holidays (when we’re off duty), we are willing to move you. We try our best to schedule moves during the day, but make exceptions on a case-per-case based on our availability.

Moving day

Do you provide blankets and shrink-wrap?
When using our trucks, of course! We provide shrink-wrap for a small materials fee. This is a one-time fee--not pay-by-the-item, and we are generous with our materials! You should always be sure to factor in the cost of materials when comparing estimates, they can make for an unfortunate surprise when paying by the item.
What about blankets and shrink-wrap for moves that don’t use a Move-tastic! truck?
We charge a lower materials fee for moves that do not require a truck, that covers unlimited use of shrink-wrap. The blankets we use every day are designed to be extremely durable and cost a pretty penny. Instead of charging you for these professional blankets, we offer warehouse pads ($10 each), which offer great protection for a much lower cost!
Do you provide moving supplies: wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, etc.?
We gladly offer additional materials such as wardrobe boxes, mattress bags (fit up to a King), adjustable TV boxes (fit up to a 70" flat screen). All these goodies can be added to your reservation once you start the booking process!
How will you transport my belongings?
We have a fleet of box trucks ranging from 16 to 26 feet.
Is tipping customary, and what is the standard tip?
It’s no secret that movers love tips. Our crew hustles as much as possible in part to obtain a tip adequate to the effort exerted. So while tipping is not necessary, it is customary, and moreover is greatly appreciated if you are satisfied with our service. The amount is totally up to you. As a general guideline, however, good tips typically amount to an extra $5 per hour per mover, great tips to approximately $10 per hour per mover, and fantastic tips anywhere beyond $10 per hour per mover.
What if something gets damaged during the move?
Our primary goal is your satisfaction, and we will do everything possible to prevent damages. Every move we do is covered by carrier liability, but we highly recommend that you purchase valuation coverage when booking your move with us. Please refer to our Claims and Coverage section for more information.
I have really nice carpets/wooden floors! Can the movers take off their shoes?
We care about your floors too! Unfortunately, it’s a huge safety hazard to move without wearing shoes. However, every truck is equipped with hardwood and carpet floor coverings that can be purchased for a nominal fee.
What if the actual time is longer or shorter than the estimate?
An estimate is just that and while our estimates are typically very accurate, there are sometimes unforeseeable events that can lengthen a move (traffic, more stuff than anticipated, bad weather--rare in Chicago...). Clearly, we do our best to hit or beat our targets. If when we arrive we notice a longer move than expected, we will adjust our estimate on the scene.
How can I prepare for my move?
To help prepare for your move, please visit our moving tips
Can I help during the move?
Our moving crews are a well-oiled machine and the guys are used to working with each other. We have code words and highly sophisticated moving techniques so, believe it or not, sometimes your help actually slows us down! You’re allowed to contribute as much or as little as you’d like on move day, but you hired us for a reason, so why not kick back and let us do the heavy lifting? Additionally, movers are prohibited from doing any multiple-person carries with clients, so while you can run boxes and single person items, we can’t have any movers carry any items with you.

Claims and coverage options

What is “valuation”?
You declare the total value of your shipment before the move begins. If an item is damaged during your move, Move-tastic! will seek a professional repair. If a repair is not possible, we’ll pay to replace that item, less depreciation. Move-tastic! offers valuation coverage at a rate of $100 per each $10,000 of released or declared value. Declaring a released value for goods is not the same as purchasing an insurance policy.
How do I determine the value of my shipment?
The Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association suggests that checking the contents coverage and amounts of your homeowners’ insurance or renter’s insurance can serve as a good guide to determining the value of your shipment.
How do you calculate depreciated value?
The depreciated value is calculated using industry-wide depreciation guides that provide a formula based on the useful life of an item. EXAMPLE: A table lamp is determined to have a 10-year useful lifespan and therefore depreciates at a rate of 10% per year. A 5-year old lamp would have a depreciated value of 50% of the original purchase price. The depreciated value does not include the cost of shipping or tax.
Who coordinates the repair?
It’s always our goal to minimize any further inconvenience by facilitating the repair process as much as possible. We work closely with highly vetted service providers but we’ll also work with clients’ preferred vendors as long as estimates are found to be competitive within the industry. Any estimates require approval by Move-tastic! prior to starting repairs. If an item must be taken off-site for a repair, we may also coordinate the pick up and delivery of the item.
What if I don’t want a repair?
Under the terms of declared valuation, the first step that all movers must take is to seek professional repairs for any damaged items. If a professional furniture repair company estimates the cost of a repair to be $150 for a damaged item and a client declines to have the item repaired, the maximum compensation for that damaged item would be equal to the estimated repair cost of $150.
What if I don’t have the original receipt or remember the purchase price?
In the absence of an original receipt, we first work to determine the value based on the available information of the make and model of the item. If make and model are not available, then fair market value would be established based on available items of similar make and quality.
Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page

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