May 23, 2022

While we are probably all aware that moving can be a stressful activity, one of the reasons is that we have to confront nearly every object we own as we pack everything up. While this certainly can be stressful, it can also be an opportunity to declutter and reimagine our surroundings – or to donate clothes! And if you’ve got a crack team like the expert professionals at Move-tastic! to help, moving can be less of a stressful slog, and more of an opportunity for growth and renewal!

Just be sure to start the process well in advance of your moving date. You’ll be able to thoughtfully consider the objects in your home, and decide which ones to keep and which ones to pass on for others to enjoy.

Where to Donate Clothes When Moving in Chicago

Clothing tends to be the most common thing we let go in the course of a move. If we haven’t cleared out our closets in a while, we’re likely to find all sorts of garments we never wear. Shirts, dresses, shoes, pants, and more accumulate through the seasons. While they may have served us well three or four years ago, there are probably at least a few items in our closets that we can’t imagine ever wearing again. Here are a few places to donate clothing to in Chicago:

Cornerstone Community Outreach

CCO performs a number of crucial services for the community, from job training and education to social programs. They also serve as a homeless shelter.

4628 N Clifton


Sarah’s Circle

Social services and clothing for women and children.

4750 N Sheridan, Suite 220



Goodwill has numerous locations in Chicago and throughout the country, making it a convenient place for most people to donate clothes and other items. They fund employment services and community programs to help build better communities. In addition to clothing for adults and children, they accept household items and furniture.

Find a location at

Where to Donate Furniture When Moving in Chicago

Craigslist can be a good option that can also garner you some extra cash before your move, but it is not without its hassles. You’ll need to do the work of photographing and measuring your items, posting and deleting posts, responding to emails, and spending your evenings coordinating and meeting with potential buyers. Donating your furniture can do some good for a local charity, and the ones listed here even offer free pickup!

Chicago Furniture Bank

This non-profit collects unwanted furniture and provides it to families in need. Started in 2018, CFB furnished almost 1,500 homes in its first year.

ReStore Chicago (Habitat for Humanity)

ReStore is Habitat for Humanity’s program to reuse furniture and fixtures from existing homes. Check their website to see whether they’re currently accepting the type of furniture you are giving away.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts all kinds of items ranging from appliances, to clothing and toys, and even cars! Items are resold and the revenues used to serve meals and provide housing, health services, rehabilitation, and recreation programs to those in need.

Where to Donate Books When Moving in Chicago

Book collections can get out of hand. Many of us have books we’ll never open again, or that we acquired but will probably never read. Kids outgrow their books, which can then be passed on to others to help inspire learning across the city! You can make room for new books at the same time as you give someone else a leg up.

Brown Elephant

Brown Elephant accepts books and smaller home decor items, as well as furniture, kitchenware, and clothing. (They’re also among the organizations that will pick up your furniture items, but not the smaller stuff.) They have three locations in Chicago and resell items to fund medical care for uninsured patients at Howard Brown Health.

Open Books

Open Books helps to provide books to kids in low-income neighborhoods. Sometimes the right book at the right age can spark a lifetime of learning! Open Books has already helped deliver half a million books into the hands of kids across Chicago. They offer pickup service, and also accept CDs and DVDs!

If you’re moving soon in the Chicagoland area, contact Move-tastic! to start planning your move and set yourself up for a stress-free, transformative, and maybe even fun moving experience!

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