March 16, 2022

When you move your home or office, you want to work with the best moving companies in Chicago. In order to help you find the best residential or commercial mover to fit your unique needs, we’ve created a list of the top five movers in four different categories:

  • Top 5 Local Movers in Chicago
  • Top 5 Storage Facilities in Chicago
  • Top 5 Long Distance Movers in Chicago
  • Top 5 Union Movers in Chicago

Top 5 Local Moving Companies in Chicago

The best movers in Chicago strive to help each client have a great moving experience. They’re eager to help you coordinate your move, friendly throughout the booking process, and are professional and efficient on your moving day. In other words, they should make you feel comfortable even when moving can be nerve-wracking.

Don’t let your move stress you out. Check out these top five local moving companies in Chicago to help you have a smooth—and maybe even an fun!—move.

1. Move-tastic!

As the best local movers in Chicago, Move-tastic! offers a wide variety of services to accommodate each client’s needs. Here’s a look at how we can help your residential or commercial move:

It’s important to note that moves are booked on a first-come, first serve basis—and we book up quickly! If Move-tastic! is booked up on your moving date, you can still find a solid moving company to perform your move. Here are four additional local movers in Chicago that might be able to help.

2. New City Moving

New City Moving has established themselves as a top Chicago moving company. They offer a range of services, including residential, commercial and loading and unloading. If Move-tastic! isn’t able to help with your unique relocation, New City Moving is a great option.

3. The Professionals

If you’re looking for a local mover in Chicago to help with specialty moves, check out The Professionals Moving Specialists. Their list of services includes:

  • Antique and fine art moving services
  • Emergency moving
  • Senior moving services

4. Moovers Chicago

Some Chicago moving companies communicate their fun, laid back cultures through their names. Move-tastic! is one of these. And Moovers Chicago is another!

Moovers Chicago offers both residential and commercial moving services, along with packing and delivery. If Move-tastic! is booked to capacity on your moving day and you still want to work with a company who can help remove the stress of your move, give these guys a call.

5. 2 Guys and a Van

With multiple locations across the Chicagoland Area, 2 Guys and a Van can provide all sorts of moving services—including short notice emergency moves. So if you’re behind the eight ball on your move and need to relocate quickly, 2 Guys and a Van can often book your move within 24 hours.

Top 5 Storage Facilities in Chicago

Sometimes you need to store your belongings for a few days, weeks, months—or even years. Fortunately, the City of Chicago has plenty of options for short- and long-term storage that will give you peace of mind knowing that your items are safe.

1. Move-tastic!

Move-tastic! doesn’t just boast the best movers in Chicago. We offer full storage services, too!

Our temperature-controlled storage facility is under constant video surveillance, so you know your belongings are in good hands. And we’ll even save you money over a self-storage facility!

When you rent storage space from a self-storage facility, you have to pay for the entire unit regardless of how much room you actually use. Additionally, self-storage companies sometimes charge higher rates the closer they get to their capacity.

Conversely, Move-tastic! charges depending on how much stuff you need to store. And in order to accommodate all of our clients’ needs, we offer a variety of storage services:

  • Overnight Storage in case you have to be out of your old home a day or two before you can move into your new place.
  • Vault Storage to keep your entire home’s worth of furniture at our facility for as long as you need.
  • Rack Storage in case you don’t have enough materials to fill up a vault’s approximate 200 cubic feet.
  • Micro Storage for a few boxes or seasonal items like holiday decorations, patio furniture, and golf clubs.

Sometimes our storage is booked to capacity. When we don’t have room to store your belongings, we’ll do our best help you find a self-storage facility. We’ll even load your items into and unload your items out of your self-storage unit!

2. CubeSmart Self Storage

Just in case Move-tastic! is at our full storage capacity, check out CubeSmart Self Storage. They offer amenities like flexible lease terms, individual unit lighting and electricity, and shelving options. They can also store your vehicles! So if you need a place to stash your car or seasonal things like your boat, jet ski, or ATV, they’re a great option.

CubeSmart is one of Move-tastic!’s preferred storage partners. When our storage is fully booked, we often recommend the CubeSmart location at Diversey and Pulaski in Chicago. It’s just a few blocks away from our facility, so we can pop over to their place to move you out of their storage unit when you’re ready to bring your belongings home!

3. The Lock Up

With multiple locations throughout Chicago and its suburbs, The Lock Up Self Storage likely has a storage facility near you.

The Lock Up offers free truck rental in case you want to transport your belongings on your own instead of hiring a moving company like Move-tastic!. And as a family-owned company that’s been in business for over 40 years, you know they take pride in high quality storage and customer service.

4. Life Storage

When you type “storage facilities near me” into your search bar, Life Storage is probably one of the top results. And with good reason!

They offer flexible month-to-month storage plans, plus free truck rental and access to your unit. And since they have over 40 locations across the Chicagoland Area, you’re bound to find a Life Storage facility close by.

5. Public Storage

This self-storage giant is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022. And that’s quite an accomplishment! In addition to a variety of online tools to make your life easier, Public Storage is affordable. Many of their locations only charge $1 for your first month’s rent. So if you need to store your belongings on a budget, Public Storage could be a good option.

Top 5 Long Distance Moving Companies in Chicago

Although Move-tastic! only operates within the Chicagoland Area, we can still help with your long-distance move. Since our rates are much lower than interstate carriers, we can also help keep your moving costs low.

As local movers, we’ll load up your truck or container on your way out of town. And if you’re moving to Chicago, we’ll unload your belongings into your new home. But in case we’re not able to help on the date you need to move to or from our great city, here are some options for full-service interstate movers.

1. Stevenson Transfer

When Move-tastic! isn’t available to lend a hand for your interstate move, Stevenson Transfer is our first recommendation for a long distance mover. As a family owned company founded in 1908, Stevenson gives you the confidence you need to have a stress-free interstate move.

2. New City Moving

In addition to being a solid local mover in Chicago, New City Moving also offers long distance moving services. They’ll handle moves starting from just about anywhere in the Midwest to anywhere in the country. 

3. All My Sons Moving & Storage

Moving into Chicago from out of state, or away from the Second City to a new region? All My Sons Moving & Storage can help. They’ve been in the moving business for four generations, so you know they’ve mastered the art of interstate moving.

4. Midway Moving & Storage

You’ve probably seen the bright orange trucks of Midway Moving & Storage making their way across Chicago. In fact, they’ve made their way across the country! Midway offers coast-to-coast moving services, so they can safely transport your belongings anywhere in the continental United States that you need them to go. 

5. Blackhawk Moving & Storage

In addition to helping with interstate moves, Blackhawk Moving & Storage offers a unique debris pickup service. After they’ve safely transported your home’s contents to your new home, you can contact them within 30 days of delivery and ask them to pick up any debris like shrink wrap or empty boxes.

Top 5 Union Moving Companies in Chicago

Certain buildings in the City of Chicago requires all laborers—including your move crew—to be part of a union. Although Move-tastic! does not have union employees, here are some union moving companies that can help if your residential or commercial building requires union movers.

1. Pickens Kane

Pickens Kane specializes in interstate for both residential and commercial clients who require union movers. In addition to being well equipped to safely move your car or motorcycle, they can even handle an international move if you’re leaving the country.

Additionally, Pickens Kane can help with specialty moving services. Give them a call if you need a hand moving fine arts, antiques, and computer equipment.

2. Chicago Office Movers

If you need to relocate your office within the City of Chicago and your building requires a union team, check out Chicago Office Movers. They’re a member of the Teamsters Union Local #705. So they know how to work within your building’s union regulations to coordinate and execute a smooth commercial move.

3. 3MD Relocation Services

Another member of the Teamsters Union Local #705, 3MD Relocation Services employs professional union moving crews to assist with commercial relocations. Their 300,000 square foot headquarters in Melrose Park, IL serves as a great storage option in case your company isn’t quite ready to move into its new office space.

4. Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage

When you search for a moving company, you want to make sure they’re trustworthy. Boyer-Rosen Moving & Storage has been in good standing with the Teamster’s Local 705 Union since 1964. Whether you need a residential move or an office relocation, their union movers can provide excellent service.

5. Hallett & Sons Expert Movers

If you want a woman owned, family operated union moving company, look no further than Hallett & Sons Expert Movers. Their services include commercial moving, library moving, disassembly, and installation.

Other Companies We Considered

There are a lot of moving companies in Chicago, and not all of them made this list. Here are a few additional companies that you might want to check into:

  • Alliance Moving & Storage
  • Golan’s Moving & Storage
  • H2H Movers
  • Rogers Moving Services, also known as RMS Movers
  • STI Moving & Storage
  • Wolley Movers Chicago

Give yourself peace of mind with the best movers in Chicago

You deserve to have peace of mind when you move your home or office. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with the best moving company in Chicago!

At Move-tastic!, we pride ourselves on phenomenal customer service from the first time you call or visit our website all the way through the end of your move. Contact us today to learn how we can help you have a great move!

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