April 8, 2024
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College is one of the most exciting times of your life. You meet new friends, study new fields, and live among your fellow students. However, moving into a dorm or an apartment can be stressful and detract from the excitement. Fortunately, you can hire specialty university and college movers to handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the many positives of your collegiate career!

How much do college movers cost?

For underclassmen and upperclassmen alike, budget can be a concern for all college students. So, how much do student moving services cost? While there’s no universal answer because every move (and every student!) is unique, there are a few factors that affect your moving cost, including:

  • Whether you need help packing in addition to moving
  • Your moving inventory, which affects both the size of the crew and the amount of time the move will take
  • Flights of stairs or availability of elevators
  • The moving insurance you select

The good news is that you can obtain an estimate before your move so you know how much to budget for. Just get your inventory list ready along with some basic information on the building like moving dates and times, quantify of flights of stairs, and elevator sizes, and let your local moving company do the rest.

Dorm room movers

Moving out of a childhood home and into a dormitory is a rite of passage for college students. And while many dorms are furnished with beds and desks by the university, some are completely empty—and all students moving in will have their own boxes of clothing, supplies, and even some small furniture.

Instead of schlepping your stuff into a dorm (or out of it, when the semester or academic year ends), you can get some help from expert dorm room movers. These professionals know the ins and outs of moving into and out of dormitories, from accommodating the specific dates and times students are allowed to move to how to navigate the (often small) staircases and elevators in Chicago’s colleges and universities.

College movers for apartments

If you’re lucky enough to score an apartment instead of a dorm, you might have even more stuff to move at the beginning and end of your schoolyear. And that’s even more reason to get some help from experienced student moving services! Professional college movers can pack, carry, and unpack your entire apartment’s inventory so you can focus on settling in and hitting the books.

You provide an inventory list, elevator reservations or flights of stairs, and the pros will handle the rest for your on-campus or off-campus apartment. And if you’re moving out for a few months for summer break, we can store your items and move them back in when it’s time to get back to school.

Storing your belongings between semesters

College students who study in Chicago but are out of town between academic years are faced with a conundrum: What do I do with my stuff between schoolyears? Fortunately, the best moving companies offer storage service to keep your stuff safe when you’re between dorms or apartments. And since there are multiple types of storage service, you can even have your local mover hold onto items that just won’t fit in your small college dwelling.

Here’s a look at some of the storage services you can take advantage of:

  • Long-term vault and racking storage: Great for your couches, bed, tables, and boxes of books, clothing, and knickknacks that you won’t need until you’re back at school.
  • Micro storage: If you just need to stash some seasonal stuff (why keep your big winter coat in your tiny dorm room during the warm months?) or a few boxes, micro storage is a great option.
  • Overnight storage. Since so many students come to Chicago colleges and universities from out of town, sometimes their travel schedule doesn’t entirely line up with the dates they can move in or out of their dorm or apartment. Overnight storage is a perfect solution.

So, what do you do with your stuff between schoolyears? You let your favorite local movers store it!

Pro tips for moving into a dorm or college apartment

Having an idea of what to expect from any move is often an instant de-stressor. Even after you’ve found some awesome college movers that’ll help you get into or out of your schooltime dwelling, you can take advantage of some tips to help you prepare—and remove stress!

First, set yourself up with some college living essentials like blankets to cozy up into and some reusable strips and hooks to hang your décor. Second, bring a bunch of rags and ecofriendly cleaning solutions to give your new place a thorough scrub.

Additionally, especially if you’re moving into a furnished dorm or apartment, be sure to equip yourself with a toolkit containing the basics like screwdrivers and a hammer. Some colleges and universities offer modular furniture that you can easily reconfigure so your room is exactly the way you want it—you’ll just need a couple tools to do so.

Finally (and maybe most importantly): enjoy yourself! After your student movers have brought all of your belongings into your new dorm room or apartment, take some time to get to know your neighbors and your surroundings. Sure, college is about education and preparing for your future—but it can also about having an absolutely great time!

Let our awesome college movers move you into or out of your dorm or apartment!

Let our experienced college movers help you settle into your new dorm room or apartment. And after the schoolyear ends, let our expert student movers help you start your much-deserved break! We’ll handle all of your student moving services needs so you can enjoy all the fun stuff about being in college.

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