February 7, 2022

by Rose Morrison

Rose is the managing editor of Renovated, a home living site where she strives to help people live their best DIY lives.

Moving into a new house can be equally exciting and stressful. Of course, you’ll want your new place to reflect your tastes from the start.

While major renovations can take a long time and cost a lot of money that you may be unwilling to spend right away, there are many things you can do to create a comfortable living space that’s ready for you when you arrive.

Here are eight easy ways to update your new home while you’re preparing to move in.

1.  Switch Out Hardware

Depending on the age of your house, the knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinetry may be a little outdated. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your new home is to switch them out for a fresh, new look.

Accessorize with more contemporary hardware that’s on-trend. For example, try sleek brass against a dark cabinet for a modern look and feel or uniquely shaped hexagonal knobs that add a bit of geometric flair.

Matte or iron black hardware also pops against white or natural wood cabinets for a rustic style. You may also incorporate hardware typical of dresser drawers for a daintier, more unconventional look instead.

2.  Freshen Up With a Coat of Paint

With your possessions boxed and out of the way, why not freshen up your new house with a coat of paint before you move in?

Take a moment to look for holes that need patching and determine how much paint you’ll need and for which rooms. Perhaps you’ll want to consider an accent wall or paint the ceiling or bookshelves, as well.

You can take things a step further if you’d like by painting your kitchen cabinets or moldings, or even refurbishing old furniture. A little bit of paint can bring new life to your home without becoming a major project.

3.  Add Mirrors to Reflect More Light

Many homeowners spend between $500 and $10,000 to remove walls, depending on whether or not it’s load-bearing. If it’s a multi-level home or requires electrical rewiring, the price can be much higher, as well.

To make your new house feel more open, consider hanging mirrors instead of artwork. Mirrors are great for making a smaller, closed-off room feel more expansive by reflecting extra light into the space.

Place your mirrors opposite windows for direct sunlight. This trick is particularly great for formal dining rooms, home offices, or small den areas that may feel separated from the rest of the house.

4.  String Lights on Your Patio

Show your new enclosed patio or sunroom a little love by stringing lights along the ceiling. Large bistro bulbs can deliver soft, dewy hues and create a cozy space for wine time with friends, romantic dinners, soothing music, and relaxation.

Stringing lights in your outdoor-indoor living area is an easy update that an electrician can do at an affordable price.

You may also want to think about putting your string lights on a dimmer to adjust them as you like as the nights go on.

5.  Spruce Up Your Landscaping

According to the 2021 U.S. Houzz & Home Study: Renovation Trends report, landscaping projects increased by 6% from 2018 to 2020. If you’re moving during the spring or summer, your new yard may only require a little sprucing up.

Enhance the curb appeal of your new home by replacing the flowers in the flower boxes, laying fresh mulch, mowing the grass, and planting a few trees or bushes.

Even if you prefer little maintenance for your yard, you can still add neat features such as a fountain or raised garden bed. Raised garden beds are ideal for planting herbs to use in your cooking or other types of home-grown produce.

6.  Update Your Window Treatments

Window treatments can transform a room. Before you get fully settled into your new house, take a peek at your windows. Hopefully your new home offers some spectacular landscape views, in which case maybe it’s time to hang something different.

If you had heavy curtain panels in your previous home, you might decide that simple sheers will do the trick. Some homeowners choose to install blinds for privacy while keeping the window frames bare.

Other options may include window treatments with slight textures, different patterns, or bold colors. Bamboo shades may also be just what you need for a more natural or coastal vibe.

The possibilities are endless. However, taking a cue from your décor style can help you make the right decision.

7.  Add Faux Beams

Homeowners may like the look of ceiling beams if they have rustic, farmhouse, or natural-style decor. However, adding beams to your home can be an expensive and messy renovation.

If you still want the look of wooden beams running through your living room, you can update your new home by with faux beams instead.

Faux beams look like natural wood but are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install. They’re also not susceptible to rotting, termites, or warping and don’t require maintenance.

When choosing faux beams, you’ll likely find you have several different options for stain color, unfinished or aged textures, and other decorative touches.

8.  Give Your Bathroom an Overhaul

Bathrooms tend to get a little grimy over time. Rather than demoing your new bathroom for a complete remodel, make it sparkle with a thorough cleaning and do a few DIY updates yourself.

Just like the rest of the house, your bathroom may need some fresh paint on the walls or vanity, as well as new hardware. Feel free to change the light fixtures and faucets to something a little more modern.

Re-grout the tiles in your shower and add a pop of color with an attractive shower curtain. You can also opt for a white shower curtain to create a spa look, add a few plants, and decorate your counter with a soothing candle.

Budget-Friendly Updates for Your New Home

You don’t have to break the bank with time-consuming, heavy-lifting renovation projects to update your new home. These eight easy updates are affordable and quick and can make your new house feel like home. After Chicago’s favorite movers have moved you into your new home, you can jump into your quick and easy home updates!

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