September 13, 2021

Chicago is a unique and fun-loving city. And whether you’re new to Chicago or are just looking for some fun things to do in your hometown, Fall is a great time to be a Chicagoan.

As Chicago’s favorite movers, we want you to explore and have a great time. So here are five fun activities to check out in our city this fall!

1. Take a graveyard or ghost tour

Our fair city is chock-full of history. Some of the most exciting ways to celebrate the spooky season and learn about Chicago is to take a graveyard or ghost tour.

Graceland Cemetery on the North Side has been around since 1860. There, you can visit the gravesites of Chicago legends like Cubs great Ernie Banks and some of the men who built Chicago, including John Root, Daniel Burnham, and Potter Palmer. Not too far away lies Rosehill Cemetery, which is home to the resting places of Vice President Charles Dawes and famous names like Oscar Mayer, Montgomery Ward, and Richard Sears.

If ghost tours are more your thing, Chicago has plenty of haunted places to explore. These spooky and educational tours will take you to places like the site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the Eastland disaster, and even to the home of Resurrection Mary.

2. Check out some Fall popups

Not everyone is into spooky stuff. And that’s just fine—Chicago has you covered! Have a drink, get lost in a corn maze, or just hang out in a pumpkin patch to celebrate the Fall.

Since popups are temporary attractions, be sure to check out each event’s website before you venture out. Some of these also require pre-purchased tickets, so pick a date and plan it out!

3. Compete in a pumpkin carving contest—or just check out some masterfully-carved pumpkins

Chicago loves to pack in seasonal fun. And nothing says Fall fun like pumpkin carving! Various venues across the Chicagoland Area host annual contests. And if you’re more of an observer than a carver, don’t forget to visit the Night of 1,000 Jack-o-Lanterns at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

4. Go to a pitch-black dinner

Alright, this one is a little out there. But if you’re looking for a unique dining experience this Fall, try a pitch-black dinner! When you eat a meal blindfolded, your senses of taste, smell, texture, and sound are heightened. You’re more likely to engage in conversation with your dining mates. And you’ll enjoy delicious food and drink!

So move out of your comfort zone and check out this special opportunity!

5. Find out how popular attractions celebrate the Fall  

Many attractions throughout Chicagoland host special events for the Fall. Here are a few ideas to check out. But don’t just stop here—the metropolitan area is full of fun and exciting places!

Let Move-tastic get you settled into your new home—and then get out there and enjoy the city!

Chicago is a place like no other. And Move-tastic wants to help you enjoy our hometown! Whether you’ve lived in Chicago for years or are now calling it your new city, you can find all sorts of fun things to do in the Fall.

So let us get you settled into your new home. Visit our website to get a moving estimate. And then contact us to chat about the awesome things to do in the area. We love to talk about our city!

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