May 16, 2022

Nothing puts a Chicagoan’s hackles up faster than a debate about “dibs.” Those who have spent an hour or more digging their car out from under a pile of snow sometimes feel justified in reserving the spot with a lawn chair, broken Rubbermaid tub, or some other disposable item. On the other hand, those who drive past ten or twenty spots occupied by lawn chairs before they find somewhere to park will tell you just how annoying “dibs” can be. Especially when the chairs remain even after the snow is gone!

Even the most steadfast detractors observe “dibs” for fear of retaliation. But we don’t recommend relying on lawn chairs to save a spot for your moving truck! For that, you’ll need a Chicago moving permit.

How Do I Know When to Reserve a Chicago Moving Parking Permit?

Double-parking, parking in alleyways, or using nearby parking lots are not legal ways to park your moving vehicle. Any of these methods can result in citations! If you’ve hired a moving company to complete your next Chicago move, you still have to ensure that legal parking is available for the truck on moving day. Any citations or damages caused by failure to secure proper parking availability will be added to your moving expenses.

If your building has a parking lot, loading dock, private driveway or loading zone, you do not require a permit. Just check with your building manager to make sure the space will be available to you on moving day. If you need to rely on street parking, however, the situation can be more complicated.

Free “No Parking” Signs From Your Alderman

“No Parking” signs are available from your local alderman’s office. These signs are free of charge, and you can place them out front of both locations at least 48 hours prior to your move.

There are a couple problems with these signs. For one, they are not enforceable. If someone ignores the sign, you have no recourse to have their vehicle moved and will have to try to work around the situation. This can cost a lot of time and heartache. If you have hired professional movers, this can increase your bill significantly!

Second, they do not apply to vehicles larger than 16 feet. Larger vehicles, when parked for longer than one hour, require a moving truck permit. Otherwise, your moving truck itself may be the one getting ticketed!

Enforceable “Parking Moving Van Permit”

Move-tastic! is a licensed, bonded and insured moving company. That means we can acquire enforceable truck parking permits for the day of your move. For an additional $35 fee per location, we will obtain parking permits for our trucks on your behalf. These permits are issued by the City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), and allow any vehicles in violation of the permit to be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

We strongly suggest you take this option, as it ensures that we will be able to park as close to both your locations as possible. Our crack teams of movers will have a shorter distance to carry your items. That helps the move go faster, reduce the likelihood of damaged items, and ultimately save you money.

If you’re getting started planning your next move in Chicago, look no further than Move-tastic! to make this the easiest move you’ve ever had! Our courteous and professional movers are the best in the business, and they work hard everyday all across Chicagoland to help our clients relocate with minimal stress… and maybe even a bit of fun along the way!

Call Move-tastic! today to talk to a human and get started planning your next move!

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