September 30, 2022

Whether you’re in need of both moving and storage services, or you’re just looking to organize your home for your fall housekeeping, make sure your important items are properly maintained, accounted for, and ready when you need them. Ensuring the proper storage of your items is the key to sustaining their longevity when they’re not in use. Before you just start boxing up your belongings, make sure you know the common home storage mistakes you should avoid.

Using the wrong storage containers or packing supplies

Your first thought when moving is usually to find as many cardboard boxes as you can use. However, these containers might not be the best idea depending on items and the amount of time you plan to store your items. Cardboard boxes will start to degrade over time and don’t hold up to much wear-and-tear. Plus, they aren’t waterproof. If you’re going to store items at home or in a self-storage facility, consider using plastic storage bins and containers to protect your items from the environment.

At Move-Tastic, we have all the packing supplies you could possibly need. Plus, If you’re looking for a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, check out our sturdy plastic moving bins. We provide everything from packing tape and newsprint wrap to hanging wardrobe boxes and blanket covers.

Pro-storage tip: It’s never a good idea to store your items directly on the ground. Put them on a raised platform. Doing this keeps your items from pulling moisture from the ground and increasing the chances of developing mold or mildew. Furniture and other wooden items are susceptible to moisture damage, so keeping those items dry is important. If you’re in need of space for your furniture or boxes, we’ll wrap and pack your items into our rack storage system. That will help ensure your things are packed and stored the best way possible.

Poor planning and organization

If you pack your items too quickly, it could lead you to several storage no-nos. One of the most common storage mistakes is not labeling your boxes or containers. And while you may remember some of your items by their container, it’s better to just tag them as your packing. That way, you find your items quickly and easily. If you really want to organize and plan your packing, create an inventory of your items, so you’ll always have your possessions accounted for and easy to locate.

Remember not to pack anything wet—specifically wet or soiled cloth items, like mattresses, bedding, plush furniture or toys, etc. Dirt or residue will break down and decay on the cloth, causing stains, odors, and possibly mold.

Pro-storage tip: If you don’t have time for both the packing and storage, we’ve got you covered. Bring your items in and we’ll be happy to label and store them in our warehouse.

Choosing the wrong storage environment

You have to choose the best storage environment for your materials. Storage mistakes happen when you keep items in your basement or attic, even though that’s usually a common first thought. Not only are your items at risk for temperature fluctuations but there is also the risk of other environmental damage from water, mold, mildew, and pests. Additionally, storing things in the basement or attic can make it hard to access your items easily.

The attics and basements in older houses are also areas that usually contain hazardous items, and could potentially contaminate your belongings with dangerous materials like asbestos, mildew, or even household pests. Asbestos was used in household products and can be found in everything from your home’s insulation and heating and cooling system, to roofing materials. Items become contaminated by asbestos when asbestos fibers break down into a fine dust that settles on items and containers. The dust becomes microscopic, and when inhaled can cause serious damage to your health.

Other hazards to be mindful about include regular, everyday mildew and mold. A damp, low-traffic area like an attic or basement can cause a bunch of health related upper respiratory issues. Mold and mildew will only make the situation worse, and can cause more damage and become a significant health risk.

Pests are another annoying issue that can arise when choosing the wrong storage environment. Attics and basements tend to be safe-havens for mice, bats, bugs, and more. These spaces become especially alluring to pests if there is a safe box to hide in, or items to nest in. Keeping boxes out of low-traffic, less secure areas should be a priority of yours when choosing a storage area.

Pro-storage tip: Store your belongings in a temperature or climate-controlled environment like our warehouse facility. Keep temperature sensitive items like photographs, card collection, or important documents in a place that keeps them safe from damage.

Ignoring your storage needs

It can be tricky to choose the storage unit option that is most efficient for you. A common mistake is not choosing a facility that will meet your storage needs. When deciding on the kind of space you’ll need, think about the items you plan to store. Do your items need to be temperature controlled? Is a small storage space or a big one better for you? Do you need storage fast? Storage areas that are either too big or too small for your needs can be both inconvenient and costly. Plus, at a self-storage facility, you’ll have to pay for the entire unit no matter how much space you use, so you don’t want to buy more space than you plan on using.

Pro-storage tip: Whether you’re interested in our storage vaults or our overnight storage options, at Move-Tastic, you can rest assured knowing that your materials are safe in a secure, climate-controlled storage warehouse, under video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you need to store your entire home’s worth of furniture or just a few items that you want out to declutter your home, we’re happy to accommodate at a fair and static price. In fact, we offer four different types of storage service options to make sure we can provide the storage solution that fits your specific needs – and to help you avoid storage mistakes!

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