May 26, 2022

Millions of people move during the summer. In fact, a recent study shows that almost 60% of moves across the United States take place between May and August. If you’re planning a relocation soon, check out these five tips for moving in the summer that will save you money and help you have an efficient, stress-free move.

1. Book your move as early as possible

Because summer is the busiest time of the year to relocate, moving companies book up quickly. In order to reserve the date and time slot that works best for you, start researching and requesting estimates from legit movers a couple of months ahead of your actual move. When you’ve found the local mover that you feel is the best fit, book your reservation. That way, no one else can sneak in and take the date and time that work best for you!

Additionally, some companies offer discounts or promotional codes. Although moving companies’ rates are often regulated by their state, it can’t hurt to ask if they participate in any of these programs.

2. Pick the best date and time to move  

Picking the ideal date and time to move can be tricky. In general, try to book a morning time slot with your moving company. Temperatures and humidity tend to climb throughout the day. A morning move in the summer might be cooler than starting in the afternoon, which will be more comfortable for both you and your move crew. Local moving companies tend to book their morning moves first and their afternoon moves later, so this is just another reason to reserve your move as soon as you can.

Additionally, check out a local summer festival guide and the Chicago Cubs schedule to see what’s happening in your neighborhood on your move date. These events are the perfect way to see different parts of the metropolitan area while checking out different food, drink, and music. However, they can wreak havoc on your move because of street closures and heavy traffic. In many cases—including Cubs games—moving trucks aren’t allowed in the area during these events.

You could run into the same issue on a holiday weekend. If you can be flexible on your move date, great! If not, your local mover will help as best they can.

In case your ideal move date falls on a holiday weekend or during a festival, consider taking the day off of work. Traffic delays will cost you more money on your move since your move crew will be on the clock. Using up a vacation day can actually save you money if it means you can be flexible with your move date.

3. Be prepared for rain  

When you think of summer, you probably think of warmth and sunshine. However, Chicago summers can also bring unexpected rainstorms! Be sure to check the local weather on the days leading up to your move.

Your moving team will be prepared for any kind of weather. They’ll blanket and shrink wrap your furniture to protect it from the rain. They’ll also bring floor runners to protect your hardwood or tile flooring from water and dirt. If you’re concerned about any carpeted areas, give your moving company a call prior to your move and request that they bring carpet protectors on your move day.

Movers will keep working during the rain. However, if you’re concerned about your floors or any items that could get wet during your move, you can request that they take a break until the rain passes. This will increase the cost of your move since the crew will be on the clock, but it will also help prevent water damage to your beloved possessions.

3. Stay hydrated

There are a lot of things to keep track of when you move. In addition to finishing packing up your home and preparing for your move crew to arrive, it can be difficult to forget about self-care during the moving process.

If it’s supposed to be particularly hot on your move day, be sure to stay hydrated. Have some water on hand for both yourself and your movers. Take a break when you need one and allow your move crew to have a cool drink. This will help your move go smoothly and efficiently.

4. Take care of your perishables and electronics  

It’s always a good idea to clean out your fridge and consume as many of your perishables as you can leading up to your move day. But no one ever has a completely empty refrigerator when they move! Pack up any perishable items from your fridge and freezer into coolers, and transport them to your new home on your own. Throwing away spoiled perishables isn’t just a waste of food—it’s a waste of money.

You’ll also have to keep an eye on your electronics. Hot temperatures can permanently damage devices like TVs, stereos, and computers. Ask your move crew to pack your electronics onto their moving truck at the very end of the move so they’re the last things into the truck and the first things out.

5. Crank up that a/c

Taking good care of your new home is important. You’ve probably already secured your insurance and home warranty. On move day, you should take care of your home, yourself, and your movers by controlling the temperature at your new home.

One of the best ways to stay cool both mentally and physically if you’re moving in the summer is to keep your surroundings at a comfortable temperature. Turn on the air conditioning at your new home before you move in so it’s pleasant inside when you and your move crew arrive. It’ll be a smoother and happier moving experience for everyone!

Stay cool during your summer move with Chicago’s favorite movers

Summer is the most popular time to move—and there’s nothing wrong with jumping on that bandwagon! The warm, sunny weather allows you to get outside and explore your new surroundings once your move is finished. And Chicago’s favorite movers are here to help.

Move-tastic! can help you coordinate and execute an efficient and stress-free move even on the hottest or rainiest of summer days. Visit our website for a free estimate or contact us to discuss any concerns you might have about moving in the Summer.

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