June 10, 2022

Let’s face it: packing up your home to prepare for an upcoming move probably isn’t at the top of your bucket list. Few people wake up in the morning excited to wrap each plate and cup in the kitchen or spread out the weight of the books in the living room throughout a bunch of boxes. Fortunately, there are professional packing and moving services who are happy to do this for you!

Packing and moving costs can get expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your costs low when you hire a professional packing service in Chicago.

How to keep your packing costs low

Moving costs can add up quickly. However, you can manage your packing costs in a few ways. First, consider decluttering before your move. The less items you have to pack, the less your pack will cost!

Second, you can pack up some items yourself if you’re on a tight budget. Grab every suitcase and duffle bag in your home and stuff them full of clothing from your dressers. Get through as many perishables like food and soap so you don’t have to take them with you. And manager your expectations by knowing what factors affect packing costs.  

What factors affect packing costs?

The most obvious factor that affects packing costs is how many items you need your packing team to handle. In general, the larger the home, the more expensive it’ll be to pack. However, there are some other elements that go into your overall packing cost.

Local packing and moving services generally aren’t able to provide a formal estimate for their packing labor. That’s because your packing costs are dependent upon exactly what you want packed. For example, some people only want help packing their kitchen, and others have their packing team box up their entire home. For a ballpark price on your unique needs, download a packing guide to get an idea of basic pricing.

How much do packers cost per hour?

Moving companies in Chicago generally charge an hourly rate for their moving services. However, packing service is a bit different.

Instead of a base rate determined by the amount of packers that you have, your local mover will likely charge a fee to pack each box. And if the packers bring the cardboard boxes and packing paper along with them, they’ll add the fee for the box itself. Put differently: 

The cost for each box + The labor to pack the box = The total fee for that box

Packing services will also charge a travel fee based on the mileage from their facility to your home. When you research local moving and packing companies, be sure to ask about the travel fee so you know exactly what to expect on the final bill.

How much do packing materials cost?

Although your packing material cost will be rolled into your overall packing fee, it’s helpful to know what to expect the materials charge to be. Cardboard boxes generally cost between $4 and $6 depending on whether they’re small, medium, or large. Your packing service will also charge a small fee for each roll of packing tape (around $3) and each ten-pound roll of packing paper (about $14) needed to protect and secure the materials inside each box.

One great way to save money on your pack is by renting reusable plastic moving boxes. This option isn’t just cheaper—it’s also a great way to reduce the moving waste that cardboard and packing tape create. It’s also extremely convenient. Your rental bin company will deliver the reusable boxes to your home and pick them up from your new place after you’ve unpacked.

Whether you choose to use cardboard or rent reusable moving bins, it’s helpful to know what prices to expect when you hire a packing service in Chicago.

Prices you can expect when you hire a packing service in Chicago

If you’re looking for full packing and moving services, you can save money and stress by using the same company to handle both. The best moving companies in Chicago are one-stop shops for their clients and are happy to pack your home one day and move your home the next day.

Not all homes are created equal. A studio apartment takes two to three hours to pack on average, and a four-bedroom home can take up to seven hours. However, since each dwelling is as unique as its resident, averages don’t mean much when it comes to your specific home. However, historical averages do exist to give you a general idea!

How much does it cost to pack a standard two-bedroom apartment or condo?

In general, a standard two-bedroom apartment or condo will take three to five hours to pack. This average accounts for the packing service handling the entire home, including:

  • Packing your books and knickknacks
  • Carefully wrapping and boxing your breakables, including your kitchenware
  • Boxing up your TV
  • Wrapping and boxing your hanging artwork and mirrors
  • Packing your hanging clothes inside wardrobe boxes

Keep in mind that some of the larger items and your furniture will likely be wrapped on your move day as opposed to your pack day. Based on historical averages, customers with a standard two-bedroom apartment or condo can expect to pay about of $750 for their pack.

How much does it cost to pack a single-family home?

Single-family homes are full of love, prized possessions, and a lot of nooks and crannies! In preparation for your move, all of these items need to be packed up—even the ones that might be hidden from your daily view. If you’re hiring a full packing service to prepare your entire home, you can expect your packing cost to be in the $925 to $1300 ballpark.

The packing fee, of course, depends on how many bedrooms you have and how much inventory is inside each room. Professional packing teams can usually complete the full pack of a three-bedroom home in four to six hours and a four-bedroom home in five to seven hours.

Whatever the size of your home, it’s important to communicate with your local packing and moving service if you have any budgetary concerns. The best local movers and packers in Chicago will help you design a packing plan that fits your budget. That’s just one of the many reasons why you should hire a professional packing service!

Why you should hire a professional packing service

Everyone wants a quick, safe, and cost-effective move. However, not everyone knows that careful packing is the single most important step in making that happen. When you hire a professional packing service in Chicago, you can rest assured that you’re setting yourself up for a smooth move. And that means less stress!

How will hiring professional packers save you money?

Hiring a professional packing service will save you more than stress—it’ll save you money. If you’re boxes aren’t secured and the materials inside them aren’t properly wrapped, there’s a chance that something could be lost or damaged. When that happens, repair or replacement costs can really add up.

Additionally, when a mover has to make extra trips to carry loose items that could’ve fit inside a box, they waste time. Moving companies charge by the hour, so time is money! In order to help you get the most bang for your buck, Chicago’s favorite packing service offers options so you get exactly what you need:

  • Full-service packing
  • Self-service packing
  • Unpacking service at your new home

Keep in mind that packing and moving services are here to help you. In most cases, they can take care of both your pack and your move so you don’t have to work with multiple companies!

Do packing companies also provide moving service in Chicago?

The best moving companies in Chicago offer packing, moving, and storage services. When the same company packs and moves your home, you get the peace of mind that you’re in good hands. Your local mover can often schedule the same team members to handle your pack and move so that you can work with people you’ve already met.

Don’t let the stress of packing and moving get to you. Partner with the same company to handle both of these services!

De-stress your pack and move with Move-tastic!

Packing and moving services should aim to help their customers have a smooth and stress-free experience. And Move-tastic! does just that! Contact us to learn more about the unique services we offer that’ll help you have a pleasant pack and a magnificent move.

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