September 16, 2022

When you plan a move, it’s important to have a strong grasp on your estimated costs. From packing supplies to the move itself, you’ll want to budget appropriately. And when you research the cost to move in Chicago, you might want to include some tip money in your budget.

Moving is a service industry, so tipping is customary, but not mandatory. If your move crew helps your relocation to go smoothly, it never hurts to show your appreciation with a tip. So, if you choose to pay your move crew gratuity, how much should you tip for a great move? And how do you know whether you’ve actually gotten a great move? Here is everything you should know about how much to tip your movers.

How to tip your movers

There are different thoughts on how much to tip movers, and what you should tip them with. The answer is really up to you, and you can take several factors into account. Just remember that you are not required to tip! Your move crew will greatly appreciate an extra reward for a job well done, but tipping is always the customer’s decision. 

How much should you tip your movers?

If you choose to tip your move crew, the next question is how much to tip them. Most moving clients tip somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 per hour per mover.

Here are a few things to take into account when you decide how much to tip:

  • Stairs. A lot of stairs means a lot of extra work for your move crew. So if your move involves several flights of stairs with heavy boxes and furniture, you might consider tipping a bit more.
  • Items being moved. Some moves involve pretty standard boxes and furniture. But if you have exceptionally large or heavy items such as appliances or your grandmother’s solid wood China cabinet, the movers will put in extra effort to move everything safely and efficiently.
  • Overall size of the move. Since moving tips are customarily hourly, a move that takes 6 hours will warrant a larger tip than a quick move that takes half that time.

Once you decide to tip your move crew, there are a few options on how to get them the gratuity funds.

How should you tip your movers?

As with any service industry, the easiest way to tip is usually cash. But you can also tip on your credit card if that’s more convenient. Your foreman or crew leader will just need to know to add a tip before he runs your card through the payment system. And as the world becomes more focused on digital funds than cash, you could also consider tipping via a quick pay service like Zelle or Venmo.

Instead of a monetary tip, some moving customers like to provide food and drink for their move crew. For instance: ordering some pizzas and soft drinks for your movers so they can take a break during your move is a thoughtful gesture that the crew will appreciate.

In addition to a tip, you can also show appreciation for your movers by leaving them an online review. Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done, and movers often receive a bonus from their moving company for client reviews. Online reviews are quick, easy, and free for you to write, so there’s really no downside in recognizing your move crew for a job well done!

What makes a move great?

You deserve a smooth and stress-free move. And when you hire the best movers in Chicago, that’s exactly what you’ll get! So, how can you know that you’ll get a great move crew on your move day? And how do you judge what makes a move great?

How do you know whether you’ll get a good move crew on your move day?

A great move starts during the estimate process. Your moving company should provide you with exceptional customer service from the moment you click onto their website all the way through the walkthrough at the end of your move.

If your moving company’s front office isn’t willing to answer your questions quickly and professionally, chances are their move crew will be lackluster too. However, if their customer service team is proactive, responsive, and helpful, it’s likely that great service is part of their company culture. And you can sleep well knowing that you’ll get a good crew on your move day!

What should you look out for on your move day?

Here are a few ways you know you’re getting the best bang for your moving buck on your move day:

  • Your foreman or crew leader calls you the morning of your move day to introduce himself and provide you with an estimated time of arrival to your first move location. 
  • When your crew arrives, they are professionally dressed in company uniforms. They should also be equipped with packing and moving supplies like moving blankets, boxes, and shrinkwrap.
  • Your foreman or crew leader performs a walkthrough of your home to make sure that the inventory list that he has matches up with your actual materials.
  • The crew works quickly and efficiently, using materials like moving blankets, TV boxes, and shrinkwrap to protect your items. If they keep up the pace during inclement weather like rain, snow, or excessive heat or cold, you could show even more appreciation with a nice tip!
  • The crew communicates with each other when they’re lifting and carrying your larger and heavier items together.
  • Upon arrival to your move-in location, the crew carefully and efficiently unloads their truck and places your furniture and boxes in the appropriate rooms.
  • At the end of the move, your foreman or crew leader walks through the truck and your home to make sure that all of your items are safe and accounted for. He then presents you with the final invoice and answers any questions that you have.

If your move crew checks off all of these boxes, you can rest assured that you’ve had a great move. And you can tip your crew accordingly!

Let Move-tastic! give you a great and tip-worthy move

Tipping isn’t required, but it is a good idea and a nice gesture. Your move crew works hard to pack, transport, and unload your personal possessions safely.

Move-tastic! will provide you with outstanding customer service and a skilled crew to help you have a great move. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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