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Forest Glen Movers

Forest Glen Movers

Are you moving soon in the Forest Glen community area of Chicago? If so, trust Move-tastic! to make your Forest Glen move a snap! Our dedicated teams of hardworking, professional movers are ready to get your stuff moved quickly and safely. We choose our guys carefully and train them in a slew of efficient, careful moving techniques that will have you reeling, once you see them in action.

Forest Glen is one of Chicago’s northernmost community areas. It covers the neighborhoods of Edgebrook, Old Edgebrook, South Edgebrook, Indian Woods, Wildwood, and Sauganash, spanning parts of zip codes 60630 and 60646. Old Edgebrook is a beautiful area featuring historic homes of railroad magnates, bordered by the Cook County Forest Preserve. Much of this land was part of a 16,000-acre gift to Billy Caldwell (aka Sauganash) in exchange for negotiating between the U.S. and the Chippewa, Ottawa and Potawatomi United Nations.

While your new location might not cover 16,000 acres, we’ll bet your future Forest Glen move still feels like a big job, and you might even be dreading it somewhat. Never fear! Move-tastic! is here! We’ll get you squared away with a guarantee of zero damage to property and belongings alike. Our movers know how to protect furniture, carry and stack boxes safely, avoid hazards while driving our box trucks, and make it look easy. We like to say they’re FUN!—flexible, understanding, and nice!

Move-tastic! is a full-service moving company—licensed, bonded and insured by the State of Illinois. Our trucks have been rolling the streets—and turning heads—since 2007. We can handle everything from the pack to the unpack, or just show up to help with some of the heavy lifting. Check out our Yelp reviews to see how we go the extra mile to make sure every one of our clients is super-satisfied!

Just a few of our moving services include:

  • Residential Moving - Our crack teams of professional movers do this every day—usually twice! Rain or shine, it’s all in a day’s work. We know how to get your home moved quickly and safely. Move-tastic!’s movers arrive on site with all the tools and materials required to get your things from point A to point B without a scratch! Call us to talk about the specifics of your move and get the industry’s most accurate quote!
  • Packing Services - You can spend your evenings packing all the rooms in your house, running back to the store for more boxes and tape, looking for anything and everything that you can stuff in the boxes to protect your things from breaking… Or you can hire the pros at Move-tastic! to come over with all the materials and expertise required to pack whatever rooms you like. We can use cardboard boxes or our reusable plastic bins. Clients say they especially appreciate packing services when it comes to the kitchen!
  • Office Moving - Your office is the face of your business. Your office furniture and other assets are the first thing your clients see when they walk in the door, so we know just how important it is that they make safe passage to your new location. Likewise, we know that downtime costs you money! Count on Move-tastic! to get you moved quickly and safely, every time. We’ll come scout your locations and put a plan together to make your office move as smooth as can be.
  • Much, Much More! - If it has to do with moving, Move-tastic! can handle it in short order.

Don’t go it alone, call the professionals at Move-tastic! to discuss the specifics of your next move and get the industry’s most accurate quote. You’ll be glad you did!

What else can we help you with?

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Don’t worry yourself with how you’ll pack everything. Our packing experts pack up all your stuff in one day so it’s optimized for safe,efficient transport.

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Let Move-tastic! handle all of your short-term or long-term storage needs and eliminate the extra hassle of having to coordinate with another vendor.

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