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New City Movers

New City Movers

New City is an historic community area in Chicago, containing the neighborhoods of Canaryville and Back of the Yards. Covering parts of the zip code 60609, New City is what many people think of when they think of the old-school Chicago of yore. Back of the Yards is the setting for Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, the famous 1906 novel that shed light on the poor working conditions in New City’s meatpacking plants. In the Depression era, Back of the Yards was the area where the famous community organizer Saul Alinsky did much of his work.

Canaryville, the other half of New City, was similarly inhabited by meatpacking workers during Chicago’s time as Hog Butcher to the World. It got its name either from the sparrows that collected around the stockyards and railroad cars in the area, or the white youth gangs in the area, called “wild canaries.” No one is sure! But today, Canaryville is a much tamer part of New City, bordering Bridgeport and recognized as one of the oldest established areas in Chicago.

If you’re moving soon in New City, look no further than Move-tastic! to handle the heavy lifting. Move-tastic! has been New City’s and broader Chicago’s premier moving service since 2007, when it got started as a weekend pastime for two intrepid triathletes. Today, Move-tastic! is licensed, bonded and insured to guarantee what long-term clients have always known: When you choose Move-tastic!, you’re in the best hands!

Move-tastic! is a full-service moving company. If you need any kind of moving service in your New City residence or business, Move-tastic! can handle the job. Just a few of our moving services include:

  • Residential Moving - Our movers are trained and experienced to make the hard work of moving look like a walk in the park! They do this every day, rain or shine, and have seen everything that can happen on a New City move. They’ll arrive with all the tools and materials needed to get your things safely from your old residence to your new one. You might even have some fun with them along the way!
  • Packing Services - Why spend time packing all your stuff when you can have the professionals at Move-tastic! come and do it for you? Our guys will arrive at your first location in New City or elsewhere to get your things boxed up and ready to go—safe passage guaranteed! We can use our reusable plastic bins, or cardboard boxes if you prefer. Clients especially appreciate this service when it comes to the kitchen!
  • Office Moving - At Move-tastic!, we know that your office furniture and other assets are the client-facing part of your business. You need them to look as good in your new location as they did in your last! We’ll come to survey the scene at your current office and put together a plan to get you moved safely, with no downtime in most cases!
  • Much More! - Move-tastic! is New City’s go-to company for moving services. Call us for any moving-related concerns, such as:
    • Loading / Unloading
    • Storage
    • Bin Rental
    • Disposal Services
    • Intrabuilding Moves
    • Partial interstate moves
    • Packing supply delivery
    • Parking permit coordination
    • Certificates of insurance
    • Home staging

For your next move in New City, contact Move-tastic! and we will help put together a plan and take care of everything to make sure your move goes smoothly and efficiently. We like to say our movers are FUN—flexible, understanding, and nice! Do yourself a favor and hire Move-tastic! to keep your stress levels low and your fun levels high!

What else can we help you with?

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Don’t worry yourself with how you’ll pack everything. Our packing experts pack up all your stuff in one day so it’s optimized for safe,efficient transport.

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Let Move-tastic! handle all of your short-term or long-term storage needs and eliminate the extra hassle of having to coordinate with another vendor.

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