March 30, 2022

As the snow begins to melt and the first sprouts poke through the thawing ground, Chicagoans begin to prepare for Spring. They open their windows sky high when the temperature creeps over 60 degrees. They don the “Chicago uniform” of shorts and a hoodie. And they get ready for the busy moving season! Here are five tips for moving in the Spring in Chicago that will save you money and help you have a successful move.

1. Book your move early

Spring marks the beginning of the busy season for the moving industry. The best moving companies in Chicago book up weeks and months in advance, and you don’t want to be left in the lurch. So download a free moving checklist and start planning!

The sooner you reserve your move, the better chance you’ll have of booking your ideal move day. This is especially true if you have to move on a weekend or at the end of the month. And remember: some moving companies charge more depending on the time of the month you move, but Move-tastic! doesn’t!

2. Find out what events might affect your move day

Many Chicagoans are stuck inside during the winter, so when Spring arrives, they want to spend as much time outside as possible. Check your area’s event calendar to see if there’s anything going on that could affect your move day. Here are a few things plan for:

  • Street cleaning. Chicago and its suburbs generally schedule street cleaning March through November. And since there’s no parking allowed on street cleaning days, this could really affect where your move crew parks their moving truck. Check out a street cleaning schedule so you don’t book your move on a street cleaning day.
  • Construction. Some people say that Chicago has two seasons: winter and construction. Let your moving company know about any major construction projects near your home so they can plan alternate routes on your move day.
  • Baseball games. The Wrigleyville neighborhood always has street closures, parking restrictions, and a “do not enter” zone for commercial trucks on days that Chicago’s beloved Cubs are scheduled to play. If you live in that area, check the Cubs schedule and try to pick a move day that doesn’t coincide with a game.
  • City events. Chicagoans make the most out of every pleasant weather day. And although events throughout the city show off the city’s beauty and the residents’ pride for their hometown, they can really cause delays on your move day! Check for parades, street festivals, and anything else that might cause streets around you to be closed or clogged by traffic.
  • Personal plans. Be sure to pick a move day that doesn’t interfere with your holiday plans or your kids’ Spring Break.

3. Check the weather  

Weather in the Chicago Spring can be unpredictable. Your moving company will perform your move regardless of the weather, so it’s important to be prepared in case you have to move on a rainy, windy, or chilly Spring day.

Your move crew will bring floor runners to protect your hardwood floors from water and dirt, and carpet protectors are available upon request. If you have any questions or concerns about the best way to move in imperfect weather, just contact your moving company for advice.

4. Knock out that Spring cleaning list

Spring cleaning doesn’t just make your home feel spotless—it can actually save you money on your move! Downsize and declutter your home by cleaning out those closets and junk drawers and sell or donate any unwanted items.

Your moving cost is directly tied to the amount of items you need to move. Moving companies charge by the hour, so the less stuff the move crew wraps and transports, the lower your cost will be. Don’t pay to move stuff you don’t want or need. Grab a spring cleaning checklist and get rid of items you no longer use!

5. Hire a packing team

Preparing for a move is a lot of work. And Spring is a busy time of year! One of the best ways to reduce stress during your move is to hire a team of professional packers. While they’re carefully packing up your home room by room, you can spend more time doing what you actually want to do—like enjoying the Spring weather!

Let Chicago’s favorite movers help you have a blooming great Springtime move

Spring is a great time to move to a new home. After all, you get a fresh start along with fresh weather! And Chicago’s favorite movers are here to help.

Move-tastic! knows how to move throughout the year in unpredictable—and sometimes inclement—Chicago weather. And we can help you have a smooth and cost-efficient move! Visit our website for a free estimate or contact us to discuss any concerns you might have about moving in the Spring.

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