May 2, 2022

When it comes to moving in Chicago, there are as many options as there are days of the year! If you’re relocating for a job or school, or even downsizing for retirement, you may not have that much say in exactly when you can move. But if you’ve just decided it’s time for a change, you might have some options. You may be able to extend your lease for a month or two in order to move at a time that is better for you, or perhaps to find a better option for your new living space.

When Is the Best Season for Moving in Chicago?

Every moving date has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have the option to move whenever you want to, it’s worth considering these. Perhaps there’s also a slower time of year at your job that might help make the process less stressful.

Chicago Moving in the Spring

Moving in the spring has several advantages, especially when you choose Move-tastic! as your local moving company. Chicago’s mild weather makes moving easier without dealing with summer heat or winter cold extremes. Scheduling is also more flexible since it’s less busy than the summer season. The real estate market is favorable, offering a wide selection of properties as the peak home-buying season begins.

There are some downsides to consider when moving in the spring. Rainy days are common, potentially leading to wet moving conditions. Spring is also packed with activities such as spring break, school events, and graduations, making it challenging to balance moving with other commitments. The start of construction season can cause traffic delays and complications, while street sweeping can limit parking availability. While spring presents some challenges, Move-tastic! will turn them into seamless solutions. Our team ensures efficient moves, even with unpredictable weather or shorter days.

Chicago Moving in the Summer

Summertime in Chicago is a great time to move! The weather is better, and more homes and rentals are on the market. August is one of the busiest moving months of the year, when many college students are moving. However, you’ll find that if you look for apartments or homes in late April or May, you’ll find a lot more options than if you’re looking in February and March.

On the downside, it’s less likely you’ll be able to negotiate a better deal for your new home, as more people might be looking at the same homes that you are. And unless you book your moving company well in advance, you might not end up with one of the best moving companies in Chicago like Move-tastic!.

Chicago Moving in the Fall

The cooler fall temperatures offer a comforting change from the extremes of summer and winter, making your move a more relaxed experience. The reduced demand during this season often means that moving companies and real estate agents have more availability, allowing you to schedule appointments, viewings, and moving dates that suit your needs. The mild fall weather is perfect for exploring new neighborhoods and homes without the discomfort of summer heat or unpredictable spring weather.

While fall is generally mild in and around Chicago, the weather can be unpredictable, with occasional rain and chilly days. For families, moving in the fall may disrupt children’s school schedules. Shorter daylight hours as the season progresses require more precise scheduling to ensure you have enough light for loading and unloading. Despite these potential drawbacks, with careful planning and the assistance of Move-tastic!, your fall move can be smooth and hassle-free, leaving you feeling prepared and ready for the change.

Chicago Moving in the Winter

Winter might not be the most ideal time to move in Chicago, but it certainly can be done. The professionals at Move-tastic! perform moves all year round, and have the expertise—and street salt!—required to accomplish a safe winter move. It is common to tape down floor protection to prevent the slush, salt, dirt, and water of the wintery outdoors from ruining your floors and carpets during your move.

Fewer apartments tend to be available to move into during Chicago’s winter months, but there are some advantages to this. Landlords may negotiate shorter leases or even lower rents for tenants looking to move in in the winter.

When Are the Busiest Moving Times in Chicago?

Summer is the busiest time of the year to move in Chicago. This is when most college students are moving in and out, and the weather is often ideal. Because so many people move during these months out of necessity, you might be better off moving another time if you have the option.

Two Main Chicago Moving Days

Out of the 365 calendar days of the year, the busiest two moving days are traditionally May 1st and October 1st. In fact, this is based in a bit of Chicago history!

Every landlord and real estate agent in the city is aware of this, and they plan accordingly. If you’re expecting to move in the next year, the month or two leading up to these dates will be the times when the most options are available.

Because these two days are the most common moving days out of the year, you might run into a few challenges if you want to move on May 1st or October 1st. First, it will be more difficult to book a great moving company like Move-tastic!. Second, if you’re moving into a building with many units, it’s more likely you’ll need to fight for elevator use, stairwell bandwidth, and/or truck parking spots. And competing for these amenities with a bunch of your neighbors can be tough!

When Are the Slowest Moving Times in Chicago?

Late fall and winter would be considered the “slow season” for moving in Chicago. From November through February, you’ll have far less competition for Chicago living spaces and moving resources. Moving companies are less in demand during the colder months, so you’ll have a better chance of moving on the exact date you want.

When Is the Best Time to Move if You Rent in Chicago?

Finding the best time to move if you rent in Chicago depends on a few key factors. To start, it takes about four to six weeks to find an apartment on average, but this can vary based on your preferences.

Winter months, particularly from December to February, tend to have lower rental prices due to decreased demand. This seasonal dip can lead to significant savings on rent throughout the year, making winter an ideal time for budget-conscious movers. However, be prepared for limited inventory and the challenges of moving in cold weather.

Deciding When to Move in Chicago

If you have questions about moving or you’re ready to book your move, just contact us! You’ll talk to a human and get started planning your next Chicago move.

At Move-tastic!, we are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. No matter the time of year, we are here to make your moving experience a breeze. The best time for you to move is the time that works best for you and Move-tastic! is ready to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to us today. Let us help make your move seamless and stress-free.

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