January 4, 2021

Your company deserves the best. You have great employees and happy clients. And now, you’re moving to a new facility! You need the best office moving company in Chicago.

So, how do you find the best moving company? Not all moving services are created equal. For instance: some companies only offer packing service. Meanwhile, other services will only handle the actual move of your materials. However, you can find a full-service moving company that will do both.

You’ll need to research the best moving company to fit your needs. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when you’re requesting moving estimates for your office relocation:

  • Are their employees and overall company presentation professional?
  • Do they offer assembly and disassembly service for your cubicles, desks, and office furniture?
  • Will they provide supplies to protect your items and the building itself?
  • Can they be flexible in case the details of your move change at the last minute?

Basically, your moving company should easily check all of these boxes. Chances are they’ll be able to meet your needs—and even exceed your expectations!

Office movers need to be professional

First impressions matter. That’s why it’s important for your moving company to impress you off the bat. Here are a few things to look out for in your hunt for the best business relocation service in Chicago:

  • Licensed and insured. Your moving company must be licensed and insured. Before you choose a company to help relocate your business in Chicagoland, make sure they have the right credentials.
  • Online presence. Do your commercial movers have a helpful and informative website? Are they active on social media? The best full-service moving services have a strong online presence to grab your attention.
  • Customer service. All companies need excellent customer service to support their clients. And commercial moving companies are no exception! Your business mover should respond quickly and efficiently to your emails and phone calls. If their office team isn’t able to satisfy your needs, chances are their onsite moving crew will fall short of your expectations.
  • Overall optics. Professional moving companies must look professional. You should see their trucks driving around with logos and contact information. You should hear about them through word of mouth. And when they arrive at your home to start your move, they should be wearing company uniforms. When the team looks professional, you can be confident that the company takes pride in itself. And in taking good care of their clients!

Your office relocation is a big undertaking. And you deserve the very best full-service moving company to help you. So, be picky! Ask a lot of questions. Make sure you feel comfortable with your movers. It will pay off when you have a smooth and stress-free move day!

Commercial movers should provide disassembly and assembly

Relocating your business is exciting! It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your company’s history. But it can also be stressful. In fact, one of the biggest pain points in office moves is disassembling and reassembling your cubicles and furniture. Fortunately, the best office movers in Chicago can help!

Your commercial moving service should be prepared to handle all aspects of your office move. This includes taking apart anything that can’t be moved assembled. Of course, they also need to put it back together at your new location. You’ll have to gather estimates and information before your move. So be sure to send them some pictures, office layouts, and any teardown and setup instructions you have. This will help your moving company provide an accurate estimate.

Not every moving company is full service. In fact, some moving companies aren’t equipped to handle disassembly and assembly. So, one of the first questions you should ask each potential mover is whether they are a full-service moving company. Communicate your expectations in your first conversation with them. This will help prevent any unfortunate surprises on your move day.

Office movers should bring supplies to protect your belongings—and your building

The best office moving company in Chicago knows that your company’s belongings are valuable and need to be protected. Before scheduling your office relocation, ask your moving service about the materials they’ll bring to protect your furniture, electronics, and the building itself.

Here is a short list of the materials your business moving company should offer:

  • Sturdy plastic rental bins. These are great for files, office décor, and small electronics like computers and desktop printers.
  • Moving blankets and warehouse pads to protect your furniture—as well as your walls and doorways!
  • Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and tape to secure fragile items.
  • Floor runners help avoid any scuffs or scratches while your items are being moved into our out of your home.

The best movers in Chicago will offer full-service moving. In addition to the actual transportation of your materials, they can help you pack your office. Every move is unique, and every client has different needs. Your full-service moving company should be able to customize their services to help make your move efficient and stress-free.   

Moving an office requires efficiency and flexibility

You and your employees painstakingly planned every last detail of your office relocation. And you’re prepared for a curveball or two on move day. Some things are out of your control, like weather and traffic. If your new office is being refurbished, there may be unforeseen delays in construction. So, you need a moving service that can be efficient and flexible.

The moving industry is full of challenges and last-minute changes. This is because there are many moving parts to a relocation. And that’s okay! Experienced and high-quality moving companies understand that the industry is sometimes chaotic. They must be able to calmly and efficiently accommodate any changes to your schedule and inventory. So, make sure you pick the best moving company in Chicago for your commercial move!

Move-tastic! is the best office moving company in Chicago

You’re excited to get settled into your company’s new facility. And Move-tastic! is here to partner with you on your disassembly, pack, move, and reassembly. Contact us today for your free moving estimate!

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